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    Academic Thesis Writing: How To Go About It

    An academic thesis is a treatise which advances a new point of view, resulting from extensive research. It is usually required for obtaining an advanced academic degree. It is written by students pursuing a masters degree or a graduation degree.

    It represents a high point in the student’s academic life and achievement, hence it is of utmost importance to a student to succeed in producing a well researched, competently written thesis and also complete it in time for submission.

    The structure of academic thesis writing requires that there is a thesis statement located somewhere in the opening paragraph itself; the opening paragraph sets out the context of the thesis. Readers look out for the thesis statement first, so it has to be written very clearly, and it should be strong and easy to find.

    A good thesis helps you in focusing your search for information. But don’t be in a hurry in the early stage, for you have to do a lot of background reading in order to know enough about your subject, so that you can identify essential or key questions related to it. It is not possible for you to know what your stand is on an issue till you have examined all the evidence. It is likely that you will start your research work with a tentative or preliminary thesis which you will go on refining till you are confident where the evidence is leading you.

    It is the thesis statement that declares what you believe and what you have set out to prove. It creates the difference between a well thought out research project and a simple narration of facts.

    A thesis writing project represents your own work and opinions, and you may come into contact with people who will categorically disagree with your point of view and what you have written. You will have to be prepared to face this criticism and handle their opinions and arguments with proof and conviction that what you have presented in your essay is true. You will need to be able to stand your ground through the writing of your thesis, and also when you are questioned verbally about it.

    The language of academic thesis writing has to be concise and clear, and every word in your paper has to support your theme. The entire project is an original effort and originality is the very basis of thesis writing.

    Various studies have shown that the best way to learn to write well is to rewrite. Also be creative in your writing to increase the impact of your thesis.

    To many students, academic thesis writing appears like a bothersome headache; it requires a huge effort and a large amount of time to do the research, complete the writing and finally come out with the finished product ready for presentation. Moreover, there are usually tight deadlines for the submission of the paper, which creates further problems for the student.

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