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    Constituent Parts of Well-Grounded Analytical Essay Format

    Analytical essay writing is rather a challenging academic task. However, this complicated assignment is going to benefit to development of your writing skills and wake up your natural analytical abilities. That’s how you learn to make decisions, shape your viewpoints on certain issues and acquire ability of critical appraisal. Thus, analytical essay format is very useful thing to learn and some prompts are not extra.

    What steps do you take to develop well-grounded analytical essay? Here are some tips:

    • Extensive reading of reliable academic sources to collect maximum information on the issue under research.

    • Thesis development and defining it as the starting point for the further analysis.

    • Finding evidences to support or reject assumptions;

    • Language choice. Editing and proofreading.

    • Taking care of such details as Cover page, References page and in-text citations (for this one needs to know how to cite a paper in different citation styles).

    As any other essay format analytical essay contain

    INTRODUCTION where one presents the background of the further research, outlines the problem to be discussed and leads up to thesis statement. It is a starting point which shows the reader what is going to be discussed in the paper.

    BODY is an analysis itself where all facts and evidences are presented and coherently related to support thesis. Here the principle thing is to find reliable information to support one’s assumptions or a statement. Constructing strong argumentation line is also of paramount importance.

    CONCLUSION gives a well-defined and clear-cut answer to the question inherent in the thesis statement. Conclusion must be void of any ambiguities and omissions.

    REFERENCES documents all the sources used in the research mentioning all materials and scholars which have been somehow employed in the paper. It’s important to know what citation style should be followed – MLA format or APA – so to arrange all references correctly.

    APPENDIXES section includes additional information used in the course of analysis. It may be graphs, tables or pictures which help to visualize certain information and make it more vivid and lucid.

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