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Rating service providers is a good way of motivating them. If someone does a good job, they should be praised for it. Rating them highly is one way of doing so. Rating is also an excellent way of rebuking (in a good way). If someone is given a job and they do it poorly, they deserve to be told that the job was not done up to the desired standards. By giving them lower ratings, these service providers will learn that they performed below par. The next time they are given work, they will work harder to deliver better results. PhDify has implemented a two-way rating system where both writers and clients are rated. Both can earn between one and five stars for every project ordered and completed.

For writers

The best work is usually rated five stars denoting that the client was completely impressed. The more five-star ratings a writer gets, the better their reputation becomes. Clients prefer to hire good writers and many five-star ratings are the surest sign that a writer is good at their job.

For clients

For writers, if the client always responds to questions and approves papers in time, that client may be deemed good and may therefore be awarded a five-star rating. The more five-star ratings a client has, the more writers they will attract. This two-way rating system has worked wonders for us and is one of the reasons we have been able to maintain such a pleasant work environment.

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