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A Good Example of a Thesis Statement

01 Mar 2017Writing Tips

Refer to an Example of a Thesis Statement Prior to Beginning Your Writing

Studying an Example of a Thesis Statement is a good idea for any student writing a thesis statement for the first time. This will give an understanding of how a thesis statement is written. This statement refers to the main idea of the work which is stated very concisely. In most cases, it amounts to a one sentence. It is a brief introduction and a roadmap for the written work that follows. Cleverly written thesis statement keeps the reader informed of what to expect and what approach the writer will take in establishing the central thesis.

Purpose of a Thesis Statement

There are two main purposes of a thesis statement. One is that it informs the reader about what the paper is about. Other main purpose is to contain the writing within its scope. It helps the writer to remain within the scope of the selected topic. The scope of the thesis statement should be limited to an area that could be researched within the time limit and can be written within the given page limit. Therefore, in creating a thesis statement, students need to take these points in to consideration. They can read an Example of a Thesis Statement to learn from it.

A Good Topic leads to Strong Thesis Statement

A good academic thesis can be written on a strong thesis statement. But to write a strong thesis statement, the topic of the thesis must be selected carefully. It should be narrow enough to contain the thesis within the limits but wide enough to present some meaningful content. Therefore, the topic of a thesis must be specific. A general topic is too wide to handle within the scope of a single thesis. The ideas expressed on a wide topic tend to be vague. Students need to avoid this by narrowing down the topic and selecting a niche for researching. A good Example of a Thesis Statement will show how this has been done.

Sample Thesis Statements

Following is an Example of a Thesis Statement for students to learn how to write an argumentative thesis statement. Topic selected by a student for writing the thesis is terrorism. This is a very broad subject that cannot be handled within the scope of a thesis. As anybody can see there are tons of books, theses, research papers and journal articles on this topic. To write a thesis a student has to narrow down the topic and select a specific aspect of terrorism.

Prevention of terrorism is a narrower and a better topic. In the war against terrorism some basic freedoms of the general public have to be curtailed. Some people protest against this sighting that their freedoms are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Here is a controversy. The student writing the thesis on prevention of terrorism and the basic rights of people have to write an argumentative thesis statement like this. “Some basic rights of the people may have to be infringed upon, in a war against terrorism”

Write a Strong Thesis Statement with the Help from Professionals

Selection of the topic and writing the thesis statement is the first difficult challenge the student has to face. Some students get stuck at this important step. Since this is the preliminary stage of the writing process, getting stuck at this stage means, that the entire project can be delayed. Do not forget that you have the option of enlisting the services of a thesis writing service to help you out in such a situation. They can help you choose a topic and write a strong thesis statement. You can also get an Example of a Thesis Statement for guidance. If they are not confident in writing the thesis and submitting it on due date, the option of ordering a custom thesis is also available to you.

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