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A Winning Architectural Thesis

30 Jan 2017Writing Topics

Architectural Thesis Is Full of Intangible Ideas and Architectural Concepts

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If you are aiming to get your own hard-earned degree in the field of architecture, you definitely have to write a good thesis dealing with some architectural issue. It requires solitary detention in the libraries, many sleepless nights and being an outcast in the campus till you complete this arduous task of writing the architectural thesis. End of the university life will see you becoming an architect armed with knowledge and qualification. To make this dream come true, you have to complete the thesis and get the grade. You can compare writing the thesis to building a house. But there is a fundamental difference in these two tasks. The materials used in building a house are physical things while the materials for the thesis writing are intangible ones, namely the ideas.

Selecting a Good Thesis Topic

Like writing any other thesis, first of all, the student must decide on a specific subject area and topic. A thesis topic has to be narrow so that the thesis can also be specific. If the thesis topic is very wide, then the arguments and supporting information is going to be unclear and unfocussed. Nothing concrete can be proven. Therefore, do your best to select a narrow thesis idea and a thesis topic. Besides, it would be helpful to discuss it with your professor and get his/her opinion about your subject. If he/she approves your thesis topic, you can go ahead with the next stage of thesis writing. Some of the subject areas covered in a degree curriculum are given below. The student are welcome to choose a thesis from any of these areas.

1. Modern architecture
2. European design theory
3. Southern architecture
4. Gothic architecture
5. Aesthetics and architecture
6. Urban design theory
7. Culture and architecture
8. Landscape architecture
9. Architectural theory
10. Vernacular architecture

Structure for the Thesis

Remarkably, the thesis should convey a clear idea to the reader. The thoughts must flow logically from section to section, from beginning to end. Only such thesis can give a clear picture of your thesis statement. To reach this effect, you have to write your thesis due to an accepted format. Make an outline for your thesis as per the structure you have chosen. Here is a possible outline for an architectural thesis.

1. Introduction of an architectural thesis
2. Thesis statement
3. Methodology chapter
4. Research procedure explanation
5. Results’ evaluation
6. Architectural thesis conclusion
7. Architectural thesis bibliography

Research and Collection of Information

As far as you have decided on the topic and studied the structure of your Architectural Thesis, you can start collecting information you require proving or stating your thesis statement. Discussions with colleagues doing the same course will be a very good idea. Apart from the traditional sources like books and journals, the internet references and thesis done by your seniors can provide you with the relevant information in projects related to your topic. Once you have collected enough information, you can start your thesis writing. You need to keep your outline due to the guide. More importantly, you should fill in details to get your first draft. Do the editing task by cutting, rearranging and adding new material if you have missed any important idea. Last but not least, you are advised to get the final draft proofread by somebody else. Afterwards, you can submit your architectural thesis.

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