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A Research Paper is an Academic Assignment

17 Jul 2017Research Paper

Read Different Research Paper Samples to See how to Write a Research Paper

A research paper usually helps the students to improve their writing skills and to develop critical thinking and ability to make different kinds of researches.

To write a good research paper you should:

1. Find an informative topic.
2. Divide your research paper into parts:
- title page
- abstract
- introduction
- the main body or materials and methods part
- conclusion
- the list of cited literature

In the title (or cover page) place the title in the center of the page. Then write the author’s name, name of your instructor, the number of your academic course and date for submission.
Abstract is a separate paragraph. Here you should give a brief preview of the research paper subject. It should not be lengthy. Describe here the problem of your investigation in general. Write here the purpose of the subject study, brief description of the experiment.
In the introduction you should acquaint the readers with the research paper subject. Here you may write the significance of your research paper study. Explain to the readers why your research topic is worth to be investigated. Here you may give background information about the subject. Also, pay attention to the clarity of the statements.

The main body of the research paper may be divided into several paragraphs. In the first paragraph write literature review. Try to describe the subject of your research from different angles. The second paragraph of the main part you may devote to the methodology of your research. Describe the methodology process completely. Remember that in this part you should present only methodology and everything that is connected to the research process. Do not include discussions here. Devote the third paragraph of the main body to the results and discussions. Here present your research paper findings. Comment on that findings.

A research paper will be incomplete if you omit conclusion. Summary or conclusion is partly the most important part of your research paper. As here you give the conclusions as for your research paper findings. Here you may also provide valuable suggestions and recommendations as for the further research of the research paper topic.
In the bibliography you should document all the sources that you used for your paper writing. Organize the list of references in the alphabetical order by the first letter of the authors’ surnames. Place the reference to the web sites below all other references.

To create a research paper of a high quality you should hold to the following rules:

1. Number the pages of your research paper consecutively
2. Start each paragraph from a new page
3. Present your ideas in a logical order
4. Stick to the recommended page limits
5. Make sure there are no misprints or typographical errors in your paper

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