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Achieving High Expectations Set for Electrical Engineering Thesis

28 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Writing an Electrical Engineering Thesis of Passing Standards is Extreamly Demanding

Students write their Electrical Engineering Thesis to present their findings from the research projects done to meet the thesis requirement. To get a Degree in Electrical Engineering whether Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctorate students are required to do a project and submit a research paper according to the specified format. In case of some Bachelor degrees like BEng or BSc (Eng) this may be in the form of a project report or a research paper. But if you aim for an Honors Degree in BSc (Eng) you may be asked to submit a thesis. For a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering like MEng or MPhil the Thesis is compulsory while a doctorate requires a Doctor Thesis.

Type of Research Projects

Electrical Engineering students have to carry out research projects for their Electrical Engineering Thesis that involves

• Design: Student have to construct the device or the system then test and evaluate it after the design. (e.g.A new motor control system)
• Modeling and Computer simulation of a system or a process: (e.g. Behavior of a High Voltage DC Power Line under Instantaneous Overload )
• Developing Computer Programs for Electrical engineering applications: (Program to design active filter circuits)
• Study of Phenomena that is connected to Electrical Engineering

Students shall choose their research projects involving one or more of the above aspects. Thesis is an opportunity for student for developing and demonstrating their initiative, creativity and personal responsibility.

Thesis Proposal has to be Planned Well Ahead

Preparing a thesis proposal for an Electrical Engineering Thesis may take a few months. Allocate four to six weeks to write the proposal and get it approved. If you delay the start you may face logistics problems like finding appropriate parts and getting special equipment etc

Students should be forewarned about the causes of possible delays. They should take precautions and be pro-active to avoid any possible delays if they want to graduate on the due date. Consider some of these possible causes:

• Plan to get special parts that may not be available as early as possible.
• Do not allow the project scope grow without limits.
• Use your best PR skills on your supervisor and maintain a very cordial relationship.
• Writing delays should not affect the research. By showing the completed parts to the supervisor from time to time. Get help from a good professional thesis writing service to expedite the written aspects of the project.
• Managing time and planning the entire project as well as rest of the work, study and social life is a must. Things-to-do lists for the day, for the week and month are essential planning tools.
• Arrange funding well ahead and requisition the special services and special equipment well in advance.

Writing Your Electrical Engineering Thesis

It is obvious that writing an Electrical Engineering Thesis is not child play. Following are vital and essential parts of a thesis.

• Thesis Abstract
• Introduction
• Statement of the problem and its importance
• Background information like history and available literature on the subject
• Presenting the research work and observations
• Discussion of findings and comparison with previous knowledge on the subject.
• Bibliographic citations

Students can get help and advice from a good thesis writing service in writing and presenting their research findings. The possible areas of help you can get are Writing, formatting, editing and proof reading. That way you can avoid many of the possible delays that may postpone your graduation date till the next convocation.

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