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APA Thesis: What Is It Like?

20 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Are You Having Problems Writing Your APA Thesis?

A thesis presents the research work done by an undergraduate or graduate student in his area of study. It is mostly written in two common styles, the APA or the MLA styles. The APA thesis writing, the more widely used format, is known as the American Psychological Association style. This is because the APA format and style is the writing style used by the various journals published by the American Psychological Association. It is usually used for works related to the social sciences. The APA thesis writing standard has been set forth in the American

Psychological Association’s Publication Manual.

The APA thesis format consists of thesis writing specifications. The APA thesis sets out the standards for the formatting of the text, the arrangement and markup of the headings, tables and reference and citation lists. The Harvard referencing system is extensively used in APA thesis writing.

Very often, students find the writing of an APA thesis/dissertation to be quite problematic.

Use of headings: The APA format and style dictates that your print size has to be 12 and the font, Times New Roman or Courier. Most papers use at least three heading levels. The APA format and style for titles can prove quite confusing to use, and it is better for the student to check with his/her consultant.

Avoid biased language: When you are writing an APA thesis/dissertation, you have to avoid using biased language, or any language which may cause offense to someone. You are not to use ethnic labels like Hispanic, instead use geographical labels like Mexican American.

Similarly, do not use words like “lesbians” or “gay men” instead of “homosexuals”.

The correct use of this style can be quite tricky and subjective. A consultant will be able to spot any use of biased language in your dissertation and he/she can rectify any incorrect use of language.

Capitalization: Most students find the APA capitalization style and format requirements confusing to follow. Use the following guidelines:

- Capitalize names of tests, for example, “How to Complete a Dissertation Test.”
- Capitalize important words with four or more letters in titles, subtitles and headings.
- Capitalize names of courses or departments, for example, “Dissertation Course”
- Don’t capitalize names of hypotheses or theories.
- Capitalize the first word after a dash or a colon

Again, if you are unsure, leave it to your dissertation consultant to take care of.

Thesis/Dissertation Citation Basics: In writing an APA dissertation, stick to the author-date style of in-text quotations. This means that the author’s last name and the year of publication for the source must appear in the text, eg. Williams, 1998, and there must be a reference in the list of references at the end of the dissertation.

There are more rules regarding APA style tables, charts and figures, which are hard to design. To find a way out of these complications, you can avail of APA thesis help from professional APA experts and editors who will go over your APA thesis and take care of all APA requirements.

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