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06 Nov 2017Essay Samples

I have attended undergraduate classes at Boston College for the past two years and am currently a senior, majoring in Economics. I expect to receive my Bachelor of Economics Degree in May of 2001 and plan to begin attending graduate school the following autumn. Prior to enrolling at Boston College I attended Columbia University in New York during the fall semester 1998, in order to improve my English language skills in their American Language Program.

Prior to moving to the United States to study, I was enrolled for three years in Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea, and attended classes there between 1994 and 1997.

While I was a student at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, I did an internship at the Duk-san Metal Company, a business my father founded which manufactures components for the automobile and air conditioner industries. Unfortunately, the current economic crisis in Asia has devastated many once-lucrative industries, including the automobile industry.

As a company whose success is very much dependent on the car industry, my father and I thought it wise to take new initiatives in order to broaden the scope of our operations. My decision to travel overseas to study in the United States was, to a large degree, initially prompted by the need to incorporate fresh attitudes into our business and modernize it.

But during my two years of study at Boston College my academic horizons expanded and I soon developed an interest in microeconomics and macroeconomics. Pursuing my new interest, I became determined to establish a strong academic foundation in the fields of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Developing the ability to effectively analyze economic data subsequently led me to the study of econometrics, which essentially deals with confounding factors such as errors in variables, heteroskedasticity, and autocorrelation.

I have also studied calculus, which covers sequences, series, and methods of integration. I am confident that these courses in my undergraduate program at Boston College have provided me with a strong theoretical knowledge of economics and quantitative methods, which I will be able to apply as I further my studies in graduate school.

Although I am aware that grades are only one consideration among many when considering candidates for graduate school, I feel that my undergraduate Grade Point Average at Boston College of 3.64 to 4.00 is a positive indication of my dedication to my studies and of my resolve to master the necessary steps which will lead me towards my ultimate goal, a position with an organization such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

In addition to having acquired the necessary educational training, I believe that the success I am seeking in a public policy-making position in an NGO also requires a strong sense of moral purpose, displaying the dedication and discipline required for achieving a goal, and identifying and developing clearly-defined values inherent to leadership.

I feel that I have demonstrated these qualities through my determination to travel to a foreign country to pursue the best education possible, and through my earnest efforts to overcome the difficult challenge of learning and developing the command of a second language. I feel as well that I have acquired valuable practical leadership skills through my various experiences while acting as vice president of the Korean Business Club at Boston University, serving in the military in Korea, and doing much needed and emotionally satisfying volunteer work as a Korean youth organizer and adviser during the summer in 1999.

Upon receiving my Bachelor of Economics degree from Boston College I plan to enroll in graduate school to study International Relations and International Development. In graduate school I intend to expand upon the base of knowledge I have already acquired and further develop my skills in this fascinating area of research, so that by the time I have earned my advance degree I will have acquired the academic training and expertise that will be very useful to an international organization whose mission or mandate is to benefit the large, economically under-privileged sectors of developing countries in the Third World.

In more specific terms, my career goal is to become a skilled public policy analyst in an international non-governmental organization, which assists developing countries. This aspiration has led me to my current search to acquire knowledge of public processes and an economics-based ability in order to analyze current issues in international development, which I have pursued in my undergraduate studies and look forward to pursuing further in graduate school. 

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