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Art History Thesis

30 Jan 2017Writing Topics

Our world is filled with art. It is everywhere. The art is birth and death, when nature covers the Earth with golden inks in the autumn, when our look creeps into the oceans deep, when one beholds the beauty of a volcano eruption. Even the creation of universe is a kind of art. But in our case we will talk about human created art.

Before jumping to thesis papers and art history theses writing, we shall learn some basic information about art as it is.

What is art?

Art is the product of human efforts to express the world and surrounding by means of one’s particular point of view. Anything that refers to creation may be considered as art.

The history of art covers almost all period of man’s existence. Through the Stone Age, antiquity and Dark Ages, art developed more and more regardless any ups and downs and multiple attempts to destroy it. One ruined piece transformed into thousands of new and new masterpieces getting better and better through the centuries.

The oldest art piece ever dates about 75 000 years ago. Though there are some recently found paintings dating far back to 100 000 years ago.

We can characterize art by means of style, genre and form.

• art form – refers to the shape of artist’s expression;
• art style – a method of art expression;
• art genre – the combination of art styles and forms.

We can also distinguish art using some extra classification features.

A. Depending on the expressed feelings and emotions:

• drama – more often than not express private life and one’s conflict with society;
• tragedy – show events that necessarily lead to a catastrophic outcome for the characters;
• comedy – usually characterized by a humorous or satirical approach;
• farce – soft comedy with a purely external comic features.

B. Depending on the types:

• visual (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graffiti etc);
• non visual (architecture, arts and crafts, literature, music, choreography, ballet etc.).

Let’s write

Writing an art history thesis, the first thing to do is to pick a topic. Art is very wide theme to discuss so try to concentrate your and a reader’s attention on more specified area. You may choose any of the listed above items and make a kind of research on the issue stressing historical facts, elements and development.

To write art history theses well also needs fulfilling special requirements. One of such requests is writing a dissertation proposal in correct order and way. It must be pointed as follows:

• Abstract;
• Introduction;
• Problem Statement;
• Importance of the Study;
• Purpose of the Research;
• Research Hypotheses;
• Literature Review;
• Methodology and Procedures;
• Limitations of the study;
• Timeframe;
• References;
• Appendixes.

To make a reasonable and purposeful thesis statement is very important goal as well. In this part of your art history thesis you must stress the main ideas. Using one or two sentences volume you need to express the purpose, means and expected results of your work. It is to let a reader find out whether your dissertation is worth studying or not.

Basically, all of the above will provide a good help in your before-writing preparation. So, do not miss the chance to use it to write art history theses and ordinary dissertations of all kinds.

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