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Bachelor Thesis: First Call for a Degree Thesis

30 Jan 2017Writing Tips

As in Any thesis project, Working to a Plan is Essential for Bachelor Thesis

Students reading for a Bachelor Degree may be required to write a Bachelor Thesis in their final Year. Depending on the university or the college and the course taken by the student it normally may be a three year or a four year degree. But in rare cases it can be two, five or six years. Bachelor’s degrees are awarded by the colleges and universities for different subjects, the names and the abbreviations may differ vastly by the course and the university. Though the Bachelor course is an undergraduate degree in special cases it can be a post graduate degree. B.Phil. (Bachelor of Philosophy) is such a degree and an academic thesis is a must for awarding the degree.

Writing Bachelor thesis is a tough task a college or university student has to face. This is often their first encounter with a degree level thesis project. The student is required to do an independent research and write his/her thesis during the final year of study. The university may appoint a supervisor for the thesis. Or else the student may be given the option to choose the supervisor from among the academic staff from a relevant department.

What are the Requirements of a Bachelor Thesis?

Bachelor thesis invariably requires some serious research done independently by the student. The requirements of different colleges and the universities will differ and the different faculties and departments also may impose their requirements depending on the course and the degree awarded. Though there are vast differences on the requirements for a bachelor thesis, typical requirements for a BA thesis are given below.

• about 8000 words long (double spaced 20 pages)
• A thesis statement academically argued
• literature of the relevant field from credible and reputed authors/sources
• A clear structure and chapter division:

  • introduction

  • the body of the text (analysis)

  • conclusion

• A separate title page
• A contents page,
• Bibliography page (Reference Citation as per the Format from Style guide)
• Must be written according to the given writing style guide.
• Must be the independent work of the student

Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Do not get discouraged assuming that writing the thesis is unattainable task. For writing a good thesis and submit within the specified time limit it is necessary to work according to a plan. Break down the total job of writing the thesis into various identifiable tasks. Now you have many small tasks to do instead of a big job. You do not have to worry about these small tasks as they are simple things to do. Now prepare a time schedule allocating enough time for each of these tasks. Once you have the plan you have to follow it with determination till you reach the end. There may be times that you’ll have to change the plan due to unforeseen circumstances. Still you can make adjustments to finish the assignment in time. Working steadily throughout the year is the only surefire way to achieve success without much inconvenience.

If you feel that it is too late for all these or you do not feel confident don’t hesitate to seek assistance. May be all your colleagues are either very busy with their work. Or they also have the same problem as you have. Your instructors may not be willing to give the help you need. But don’t be disheartened. Help is a click away. A good thesis writing service definitely take you out of trouble and be assured that you earn the degree. After all that is what matters.

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