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Career Goals and Objectives

06 Nov 2017Essay Samples

Reason for Applying

I am interested in attending Ryerson because it has a solid reputation for theatre production. I am confident that I can receive a good education at this institution of higher learning. I checked some other colleges and universities for the program theatre production, but I like the Ryerson program the best. I am very impressed by the selection of courses that it offers. There also appear to be excellent facilities at the theatre department. Thus, Ryerson offers the best overall program for my interests.

Ryerson is at the centre of downtown Toronto, and this is very important for me in a geographical sense. This location will allow me to enjoy my life while I am studying. Moreover, downtown Toronto offers many complementary theatre facilities that will enhance my studies. Toronto, therefore, is also very conducive to my interests.

Overall, I strongly believe that Ryerson is the best university for me personally, and it will expose me to a wide range of opportunities and experiences.

My mother was involved in the entertainment business. She was a dance instructor and stage producer in my native homeland, Japan. Every year she still does a show with her 2 students in theater. I help her make costumes. I get tremendous pleasure out of participating in this endeavor and have decided that I need to do this professionally.

I have always wanted to study theatre production, but for a long time I did not have the means, or opportunity. This time, I have decided to get more of an education so I can have a stronger background and more knowledge.

Special Objective

My special objective is to learn more about stage production and management. I want to get into the university program and study hard for a university degree. It will provide me with a more secure future. I would have a broad range of knowledge by the time I finish the university. I have a strong desire of learning more about the operation of stage business.

Special Areas of Interest.

I’m especially interested in stage production, sound, and lighting.

My Career Goal

My overall career goal is to work in the entertainment industry with the world’s greatest performers, producers 3 and directors. I want to create artistic performances that will appeal to people. I want to share the emotion in me with the people for whom I create. I think that is what artistic creation is all about.

Ultimately, my goal is to direct and produce, and perhaps even act in, artistic performances. Being in the entertainment industry has always been my life-long aspiration. As an interim step to achieving this objective, I hope to go to Ryerson and to acquire much experience and expertise. This way I will be able to establish a solid foundation for my future endeavors. Indeed, one needs to nurture one’s talents before being able to truly produce.

Ideally, I would like to work with the world’s best entertainment professionals. If I achieve this goal, I will be working in a top-level professional environment, which will prepare me for all of the ingredients of the entertainment world that interest me. I think it is important to work in a fast-paced team environment, where I can bring my own assets to make entertainment more passionate, unique and interesting. I think Ryerson offers the best environment in this context.

The key in all of this, of course, is the notion and reality of “team work.” I believe that being a team player in entertainment is ultimately the most important 4 characteristic to making theatre succeed. The willingness to change, and to always be able to mould one’s ideas with changing times, is also crucial in this context. I think that at Ryerson I can learn from others, as well as offer my own ideas.

The completion of a degree at Ryerson is an extremely important step for me in realizing my goals. I strongly believe that I have gathered an extensive amount of experience, in various disciplines and fields, which blend together perfectly in preparing me for my future objectives.

As my resume shows, I believe that I have demonstrated important leadership qualities, such as initiative, perseverance and flexibility throughout my involvement with various industries. My strengths have also included the capacity to listen to constructive criticism, and to also seek out original and creative ideas from others. I firmly believe that leadership also entails the capacity and desire to listen to those above and below, since important ideas can come from all quarters. Teamwork, once again, is essential, and I believe that I have nurtured a profound strength in my leadership qualities by being a team player. I think this is all crucial for the world of entertainment. 

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