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Choosing the Directions for Education Thesis

01 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Students Write Education Thesis to Investigate on Deeper Issues Related to the Field of Education

Education Thesis is written by students pursuing higher degrees in education or who are majoring in education. In the field of education, there are various sub disciplines so that students can select their thesis topics from a number of subject areas. However, the students should consider their future carrier aims aswell before deciding on a topic for their degree thesis. For example, someone who is interested in a career in preschool education can greatly benefit by aligning the thesis study to be in this sector. Main purpose of writing an education thesis is to show the academic excellence achieved by the student during the course of study. Secondly, there is an aim to bring in new knowledge, ideas and new theories that would help development of education.

Specific Areas of Interest for Specialists

Major part of learning Education is centered on primary and secondary education. Other areas are considered as specialist areas. Those who are focusing on primary and secondary education will have to visit the schools and deal with children for their research work as well as their practical lessons. Apart from traditional school education there are many other processes, institutions and media for imparting knowledge that fall under the purview of education. Many are classified under special education. Examples are adult education, vocational education, education for visually handicapped etc. Students can write their Education Thesis on any special area of education.

Sample Topics for Education Essay

Following are some of the thesis titles of education thesis submitted by undergraduate students.

• Developing Scientific Literacy of Grade Five Students: A Teacher-Researcher Collaborative Effort
• Praxis and Pedagogy: Teachers’ Conceptions of Social Justice in a Context of School Improvement
• Reclaiming Michael: A Case Study of a Student with Emotional Behavioral Disorder
• Teachers’ Perspectives of the Role of Non-disabled Peers in Developing the Social Competence of Students with Intellectual Disabilities
• Parents’ Perceptions of Mathematics Education: Aligning Methods of Instruction
• A Complex Literacy Journey: What the Grade Ones are Teaching Their Teachers

Research Process for Education Thesis

The research process for Education Thesis must include a selection of the topic, literature review, design and planning the research, data collection, data analysis and presenting the findings. Planning the research must include the selection of appropriate research methodologies and research tools. There is a number of research methodologies used in education research. Among them, the surveys are a common and traditional approach. However, if small children are involved in the study, other methodologies are advisable such as observation methods. Another method applicable to this field of study is the practitioner research, where the research is done by teachers while working. These are for the collection of primary data, Collection of secondary data is carried through journals, internet and statistics and census etc. Methodologies for data analysis also must be decided during the planning. It could be qualitative analysis, a quantitative analysis or a mix of both.

Writing the Education Thesis

After primary and secondary data is collected for the education thesis, data analysis shall be done. This is done to check whether the results prove the thesis formulated as the thesis statement. The thesis must be written on the accepted thesis formats and in a proper thesis styles. The use of appropriate referencing methods is very important for this type of academic work. Students should endeavor to submit remarkable thesis. For this, students shall enlist all the possible support. Getting thesis help from a good writing service will guarantee the success of your education essay.

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