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Completing a Law Thesis

03 Feb 2017Writing Topics

Write the Law Thesis Precise and up to Date

The law thesis needs to be precise and up to date considering the serious consequences of wrong interpretation of law or using a law that is outdated by any law passed superseding an old law. The students have to write law thesis for their major at the college or for the Master’s Degree in law school. For a higher Degree like J.D, LL.D or PhD a dissertation has to be written. Discipline of law has been established for a long time and law has evolved into many forms in many countries. Basically a set of laws governing a particular area is called a law in categorizing the different laws applicable in these areas.

The Categories of Law

Writing the law thesis starts with selection of a thesis topic that is appropriate for the courses in law subjects, that the student has enrolled in. There are different categorizations used for different purposes, but in general following are the broader categories of law.

• Criminal law

• Contract law

• Tort law

• Property law

• Equity of law

• Constitutional law

• Public law

• International law

These are the main subject areas taught in a general law degree. Student can select topics for their degree thesis in any of these areas.

Different Types of Law

As the law has evolved for a long period of time even the laws practiced by different groups of people in one country could be different. There is no agreement or standard of law that is universally applied. But in modern times there is some form of agreement regarding the basic principles on matters such as rule of law and equity of law. The main types of law are Civil law, Common law, Religious law, Statutory law and Case law. Laws coming under these categories get the validity and justification by the different sources. For example religious laws are validated by the edicts of the religious authorities. Statutory law is authorized by the lawmaking body like parliament or the congress. Law thesis can focus on any of these types of the law.

Intricacies of Writing the Law Thesis

Students writing thesis shall first decide on the topic. Creating a thesis statement is the most important in thesis writing. The thesis statement is the brief description of the thesis the main argument or the idea in the thesis paper. For the law thesis students are required to do extensive research to eliminate any doubt regarding the information found in their research. They will have to check double check from different sources to guarantee the accuracy of the facts written in the thesis. Law reports and the judgments of the cases shall be main research material for majority of the law theses.

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