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Completing a Network Thesis to High Standard

06 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Network Thesis has to be written on a Specific Type of Networks

Writing a network thesis starts with the selection of the network type and the thesis or the research problem. There are various types of networks that are studied under different academic disciplines. Computer networks, communication networks, electrical power transmission and distribution networks, road networks, neural networks and social networks are some of the subjects studied at college level and graduate levels. These studies and research lead the way to writing network theses under the relevant discipline.

Selection of the Topic to be done Carefully

Careful selection of a topic or a research problem for the network thesis is the starting point of a successful thesis. Most studies on networks are done under the fields of Engineering and Technology. The studies are based mainly on research that involves scientific experiments, simulations and computer programming. The students find a research problem for the study and write their theses on the research carried out. network thesis written in disciplines like Social Sciences a topic has to be chosen and a thesis statement on an issue related to the topic has to be written.

Some Hot Topics for Network Thesis

Students may wonder on how to choose topic for this thesis. The thesis topic has to be selected with the consultation of the professors and the faculty. The University must have the necessary resources for the thesis project, especially a suitable supervisor or a mentor to be allocated to work and guide the student. If the student is planning to write a doctoral thesis with experimentation component in it, he/she has to check the laboratory and computing facilities available for the study, before deciding on the project. Here are some topics that are of current interest in network studies in different subject areas.

• Security protocols for wireless LANs
• Propagation delays in extreme (Ad-hoc) networks
• Address Resolution Protocols for next generation internet
• Effect of traveling waves on DC connections on a power grid
• Privacy issues in Social Networks and legal infrastructure to cope them
• Use of GPS for managing transport networks
• Gigabit ATM switches

Writing the Network Thesis

Presenting the results of a research on networks as a thesis paper also is a daunting task. Most students carry out their research and get stuck at presenting their findings to the larger academic and professional community. It is best for the students get thesis help in writing the thesis to present the results of the research so that the thesis paper is more impressive and clearly understood by the readers. Students can enlist such help to prepare for the thesis defense as well. Students can also get access to a well written thesis sample and study how a good thesis is written. Such a sample can educate the student on the various sections involved in a thesis and how the findings are to be presented.

Professional Help for Completing and Submitting the Thesis

Getting a little thesis help from a professional thesis writing company makes a world of difference in the quality of the thesis. They can help the students from the early stages of the research till the final submission and the thesis defense. is the best writing company that has helped numerous students in writing their thesis. Various types of help provided by a thesis writing company for your network thesis includes help with topic selection to more complex tasks as writ computer programs, data analysis, editing & proofreading or preparing the student for the thesis defense etc.

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