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Completing your Doctorate Thesis Successfully

23 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Doctorate Thesis Should Contribute Original Knowledge to the Field of Study

Doctorate Thesis is a core component of the Doctoral degree programs and needs to be completed successfully in order to receive the degree. Writing the doctorate thesis and to complete necessary research work for writing may take many months, some times a few years. This is especially so when the studies focus on a trend analysis over a period of time. Purpose of the graduate studies is furthering the knowledge on a selected subject not only of the student but other interested academics. The research work leading to the doctorate thesis should make new findings, discoveries and inventions. A successful thesis presenting quality original research will be referred to by academic community and any person interested in knowing about the topic.

Doctorate Thesis is the End Product of a Long and Tiresome Pursuit

Writing a Doctorate thesis is hard work and needs systematic approach and perseverance. A well planned research plan, thesis structure, thesis outline and a carefully built up list of references makes things easier. Research plan should include a time table for starting and finishing various items of work and different stages of the whole exercise of thesis writing. Time should be allowed for unforeseen delays, and meetings with your supervisor. Make a list of possible sources for your research. If you need to present a detailed research proposal you’ll have to do prior research to prepare a literature review. Include in your proposal the research plan and the time table. Developing a thesis is one of the central elements of this stage of the research.

Suitable Research Topic

A successful Doctorate Thesis can be written on a topic selected after a careful study of the subject area. Follow these tips for selecting a good research topic.

1. Select a topic that is interesting to you because you must be eager and curious to learn and uncover information on the topic.
2. It must be an area which your supervisor has expertise in as he/she has to advice you on various matters connected with the topic.
3. The topic should have some originality to generate interest of the readers.
4. Select a narrow thesis topic for you to complete it within the available time and can be studied deeper so that your contribution is significant.
5. Tie it up with your intended career path.

Thesis Statement and your Thesis

Main idea of your Doctorate Thesis must be stated in the thesis statement. It should inform about what you have researched on and what you have found out, what you are going to prove or what discovery or invention you made in your research. When writing your thesis, Thesis statement has to be included in the introduction chapter. Most common place for it is at the end after the introduction and the background of the topic.

Thesis Writing and the Thesis Help

When doing research and writing your Doctorate Thesis, you may need help. Because research work and writing the thesis are lengthy and tiresome tasks time for creative thinking will be restricted. Therefore getting thesis help results in more time for the thought process allowing the student to contribute his/her own ideas enhancing the quality of the thesis. This is the ultimate purpose of whole thesis writing process, unlike the process involved in writing essays in the high school where intended purpose is developing the creative and language skills of the student. Best source for getting help is good thesis writing services with well qualified and well experienced writers’ panels.

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