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21 Jul 2017Research Paper

What Are the Main Components Of a Research Paper?

When you have a task of research paper writing, you should be knowledgeable of basic components of research paper. It is true that writing research paper is challenging and complicated process which involves several stages where certain procedures should be observed. Research papers can include primary and secondary research and thus its components may vary.
However, the basic pattern of a research paper is like that:

•    Cover page where statistical information is indicated: the author’s name, the name of an instructor, date submitted, affiliation, etc;
•    Research paper outline with basic research points mentioned;
•    Introduction where the author introduces thesis statement and defines approaches of the research;
•    The body of paper which can consist of literature review where different views on the problem are summarized and certain conclusions are made and methodology part or section which explains the use and relevancy of methodological tools employed for research which is usually followed by data analysis section.
•    Analysis section consists of description of research findings and their explanation;
•    Conclusion where an author summarizes findings and makes his point in the research of a certain problem. It also makes the reader clear about author’s final position.
•    References page where all sources used in the research are indicated including web pages used.
•    Sometimes research paper includes Appendixes section where additional information like tables, charts, graphs, questionnaires are introduced.

The principle aim of academic research writing is develop critical thinking and research as well as analytical skills in students. Through research writing one gets an idea of how research should be conducted and what important aspects should be observed.

At the first steps of research writing efforts students are offered to deal with secondary research or just providing literature review section of the paper without methodology and data analysis parts which are far more complicated to complete. Here one needs to collect as much information as possible and analyze it the best possible way. For this one requires incessant reading, basic knowledge of how to make a research paper, careful analysis, logical annotation of thoughts and ideas which appear during numerous sources analysis.

As literature review is the biggest and widely used of all components of research paper, it is worth to dwell on it more deeply. It should be constructed on a firm basis of reliable argumentation. How can one assure the reliability of the sources which makes this basic? It is very simple: use only up-to-date sources from trustworthy, academic libraries and you can be sure of the research paper quality. It is not recommended to use sample research paper as the basic of the research paper as it can contain unchecked facts or information which is obsolete.

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