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Descriptive Topics For Essays

30 Mar 2017Writing Topics

Descriptive essay topics have a number of different angles to them but the common denominator in all of them is that they describe different concepts in great detail. One angle that these topics can take is to give a step-by-step outline of how a certain task is carried out. A good example is the topic “How to fix a broken garage door”.

Another angle of descriptive essay topics is that of giving descriptions on how certain things occurred or came into existence. For instance, “How the Palm Islands were constructed in Dubai.”

Guidelines to follow when writing on descriptive essay topics

One of the most important aspects to consider when tackling descriptive essay topics is that the ideas which you communicate in the essay have to be systematic and be built upon each other. This means that every concept needs to lead to the next and so on. This enables the reader to get an accurate picture of that which the writer is describing right from the onset.

The second most important element of is that of enabling the reader to have a mental and ‘visual’ image of that which is being described. This is a key element because if the reader is not able to visualize that which the writer is trying to communicate, the essay has essentially not served its purpose.

How to break through the glass ceiling when choosing descriptive essay topics

In choosing descriptive essay topics, it is common practice to stick to our comfort zones. For instance, people who are great at describing people may shy away from a topic whose subject is a piece of equipment like a lawnmower. However, the vast diversity of possible topics calls for writers to explore their limits and grow to such a level that it is possible to describe anything, not just in exceptional grammar, but also in a manner that calls for readers to share in the experience.

Descriptive essay topics are generally guided by one principle, attention to detail. Once the writer has mastered this aspect, he/she is unstoppable and can write about virtually anything. From the description of an elaborate event to the description of a peanut, this writer can do justice to them all.

How to pick an ideal topic tailor-made for you.

Write a list of all the topics that come to your mind. As you write them, it is important that the topics be as descriptive as possible.

Then, to make the list shorter, zone in on the ones about which you have the most to say, not in rhetoric, but in detailed description. This is an important aspect because, if the writer gets confused while writing it, there is a high chance that readers will get confused too.

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