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E-Business Strategy

05 May 2017Essay Samples

The paper has selected a topic related to E business model. The topic for discussion is WTO impacts on e commerce. This strategic business concept has made business environment very smooth. After the inception of e commerce many businessmen and the owners and entrepreneurs feels relaxed and it is due to the evolution of e commerce that the business men can easily organize their businesses by working on the strategic methods of the technology. “The world continues to witness a revolution in the way business is conducted, and the uncharted area of e-business presents many challenges to a newly emerging world economy. It is ironic that a medium serving to simplify lives creates such complex issues of public and social policy.”

The introduction of e commerce has broadened the scope of businesses, the new methodologies, which are introduced by the technology states that the world will definitely get multiple benefits after the adoption of e commerce technology. The introduction of e commerce has provided the world with many new methodologies and along with it the introduction of e commerce has brought many challenges. These challenges have to be met then only one can achieve better results after the adoption of electronic commerce .The results of e commerce can only be seen if the adoption of the technology is with in the framework and the technology is adopted along with its many challenges.

The need and importance of the technology has been increased .One can observe a large number of consumers who are adopting this technology .In the initial stages when e commerce was introduced the new businessmen and other commerce related fields were afraid to adopt the new technology. But after few years a considerable difference in the number of consumers has been observed which means that the advantage of this technology has been analyzed by the market people or the business people. The importance of e commerce cannot be denied as it has helped the business people in many ways and the advantages of e commerce have made this technology a recognized technology in the business community across the world.

It is essential that the actors in the electronic markets, which are producers, buyers and sellers all these should be familiar with the technology and its implications. The criterion to succeed in this field depends on how much the producers, sellers and buyers are aware of the technology and its importance. If a country wants to attain a sound economy then it is an essential requirement that the three main parties, which are producers, consumers and sellers, should have affair knowledge of the technology.

WTO Impacts On E Commerce:

The World trade organization and its authorities continuously work on the objective to make the trade agreements concise and easily understandable. The World Trade organization has been working to promote trade in many countries. For this purpose the organization eradicates the old policies and introduces new challenging policies for the betterment of the people and most important the policies which are introduced by the organization concentrates on the business aims and its promotions. The authorities of the organization support the evolution of electronic commerce and they have complete faith on the advancement of the businesses by the adoption of this technology.

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World Trade Organization (WTO)

The world trade organization has the responsibility to evolve certain specific strategies useful for the globalization of technologies .The globalization of the technology will help the business people in many ways and the implementation of these technologies will eventually help the business person to expand the businesses.

1) Specific Aims Of World Trade Organization:

The world trade organization wants to promote the technology as far as possible because the advantages of this technology are many and cannot be neglected. To day the worlds, has been changed, every day new challenges are waiting for our response. This emergence of new challenges and technologies compels the people to adopt certain specific solutions, which will help them to meet the various challenges. E commerce is the answer for many businessmen who want to accept the competition. E commerce will definitely help them in many ways commerce will define their business objectives along with it the adoption of e commerce will bring new methodologies to adopt.

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