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Easy Steps To An Advertising Thesis

14 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Advertisement is a form of communication. Hence, it follows automatically that the basic rules for writing a communication thesis would apply to an advertising thesis too.

However, advertising is a large sector and selection of topics for thesis writing should be done with care. There are two ways to decide a topic –

• Chose a product topic – This is the easy option. Simply chose a product from a certain region and plan an advertising campaign for it in your degree thesis.
• Select an industry topic – Prepare a thesis statement on a particular factor related to the industry or a particular advertising tool.

Do remember that you can write a good thesis statement only if you take cognizance of the fact that advertising is not an academic but a professional field. Industry parameters will have to well researched and considered in-depth before you finalize your argument for your advertising thesis.

Tackling the Chosen Topic For Your Advertising Thesis

If you have gone for the first option and chosen a product topic, three easy steps will see you through –

1. Choose product and advertising agenda – Decide on the service or product you wish to advertise. Carry out market research and write your product’s focal points, attributes and unique selling proposition. Finalize your agenda. What are your objectives, targets and the markets you want to make inroads into?
2. Select your advertisement medium – You can chose as many mediums as you wish but make a separate campaign plan for each medium you select. Finalize how to reach your target customers through your advertisements.
3. Decide your advertising strategy – What will be your market, the positioning of your service or product before the target customers as well as in the product segment? What promises or offers will you make in relation to the product/service? How will you get fresh customers and what will be strategy to break into new markets?

The next task is to present it all within the proper thesis writing format of an introduction, background, content and conclusion. Also fine tune your thesis statement.

However, if you have opted for the second choice and selected a topic on industry issues or advertising tools, sticking to the guidelines for writing a good thesis would be beneficial.

Please ensure that the topic you select deals with a relevant issue or problem within the industry like the following –

• Mediums of advertising like Television ads, radio ads, internet advertising, billboards, newspaper or magazine ads, hoardings, posters etc.
• Language sensitivity in advertising, gender clichés in ads, credibility of the ad in relation to the product or service.
• Impact of ads on youth or children, celebrities in advertising, impact of celebrity image on product or service – for e.g. Tiger Woods and his ad campaigns in context of the mess in his personal life and the beating his image has taken over it.

While writing an advertising thesis on an industry-related topic, ensure that your research has been done in a global context. Advertising is a vast field no doubt, but its also a very creative and competitive profession. Write keeping that in mind.

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