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Fashion Essay

13 Jun 2017Essay Writing

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If you are a contemporary person – fashion essay is just for you. Here you may talk, describe, discuss or compare fashionable trends in cloths, art, building etc.

Fashion essay usually evolves a great number of interesting and challenging topics. You may write in your essay about the history of fashion, particularly about the fashion trends in the fifties. Compare the old fashion with the fashion of the 2oth century. You may also describe fashion revolution of 1789-1799. A good topic that you may raise in your essay is the reasons that influence the fashion trends.

To write a successive paper, you should structure your paper. Some students make the essay outline in the form of diagram. In the middle of the page write a circle and put there the title of your essay. Draw from the circle several lines with arrows. Under the lines put circles. You may draw from the main circle three lines and write the following headings:

- The introduction with thesis statement
- The main body
- The conclusion

You may also draw other circles from the main body. In those circles you should insert the main body sub-headings. Here you may also write the main ideas of each paragraph. If you want to make a detailed plan of your essay, you may also point out relevant samples or descriptions that will support the main paragraphs arguments.

When your essay structure is ready you may proceed to the first draft writing. Start to write the main body first. Here you should explain, describe and argue the main topic of your essay. Start each paragraph of the main body with the primary idea. Usually students place topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. But actually you may place it whenever you want – at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the paragraph.

When you are ready with the main body, you may start to write the introduction and the summary. In the introductory paragraph, you should give the readers a point of entry. Try to design it in such a way, so it will attract readers’ attention. Relevant citation or question may be effective openers. While presenting the essay topic, you may also provide its definition. Thesis statement usually goes at the end of the introductory sentence. Here you should present the main purpose and aims of your investigation.

In the summary paragraph you should provide a final perspective on your essay topic. You may review the main points of the whole essay in the concluding part. Try to paraphrase the main ideas of the main body.

The final step in essay creating is proofreading. Try to analyze the content of your paper once again. Be objective while proofreading your paper. Check id the order of the paragraphs is logical. Make sure you followed all the requirements for the essay you have been given by your instructor.

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