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08 Jun 2017Research Paper

Use the Example of Research Paper as a Guide for Writing Your Paper

Example of research paper is of great use for those students who should write a research paper for the first time.

To write a good research paper, you should also use research paper writing guide:

1. Select good research topic for your paper. There are two options about the research paper topic: either you are required to complete the paper on a definite topic or you may choose the topic yourself. But even if you are not limited in the topic choice, you should better consult with your instructor about it. Ask him to give you example of research paper, so you may see what topics are usually disclosed in the research papers.

2. Finding the information may also take time. That is why start to search for relevant information in a good time. Visit your school or university library or just surf the internet. Though in Internet you may find a lot of interesting information, there is no guarantee that this material is reliable. That is why be careful while taking the information from the Internet.

3. Make an outline of your research paper. It will help you to organize the elements of your research paper in a logical sequence. In the outline you should arrange all the points that you are going to discuss in your research paper.

4. Write the first draft.

The introductory part should not be lengthy. Here you should provide an overview of the whole research paper. First, present the topic of your research paper. Then outline the kea points that you will cover in your paper. At the end of the introduction present a thesis statement. Here you should identify your primary purpose of the research paper writing. Some students also present shortly background information about the subject. You may also make a short overview of the next main paragraphs of the research paper.

Divide the main body of your research paper into several paragraphs. In the first paragraph write literature review. Present the views of other writers. In literature review paragraph you have to compare and contrast ideas, theories or views of different authors. Remember that here you should present only the most relevant and worthy ideas. The next paragraph may be the research methodology paragraph. Here you should dwell on your own research. Provide examples or appropriate citations. You may also describe in detail your research method. Show how it works. In the last paragraph of the main body you should present your findings and discussion. Here you should discuss your research findings. At the end of the paragraph you should make a brief summary of your findings. Remember that you should identify the topic sentence for each paragraph of the main body. Do not violate the research paper unity with irrelevant sentences or phrases.

Conclusion is the final part of the research paper. Here you should outline the main points of your research paper. You may also make suggestions for the further development of the given subject.

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