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21 Jun 2017Essay Writing

Poverty Essay Sample Will Help You to Write Your Essay

Poverty is one of the serious problems around the world nowadays. There are a lot of reasons of being poor. When people hear the term poverty, they give an explanation of it at once. Poverty means to have lack of income for a living or even existing by community standards. That is why, students are often assigned to write a poverty essay in order to convey their viewpoints and suggest their own solution. They should discuss different arguments based on a question: why is this problem considered to be a global issue?

Being poor do not mean that a person is lazy or does not want to work hard in order to live better. Mostly, everything depends on economic, political, cultural situation of a country. Getting ill, people are even unable to afford medical care and, as a result, suffer badly. Poverty becomes more and more widespread problem. People are living without getting the main needs for life such as shelter, healthy food, clean water and health. Are these circumstances normal or acceptable? They must not be ignored. Poverty requires emergent solution. Of course, it is quite complicated to solve, but still.

There are a lot of organizations that are trying, somehow, to fight with the problem. They give much money on helping the poor, give medical aid and even shelter to homeless people. For example, a huge sum of money has been given to Africa to reduce the poverty improvement, but its poverty rates only continue to increase. The explanation is that a large amount of money aid has been given to the country but it has been used for the prosperity of the country, but not for people being benefited.

It is very important for students to mention different organizations and approaches in their poverty essay. It is desirable to find out some information about different countries’ condition, give the figures and make some comparison between them. Write substantial summary of the research in your essay writing.

There are various causes and effects of poverty, but the main of them is given below:

1. The most serious effect of poverty is hunger. Each year, millions of people die as a result of hunger. More often are children, who do not reach the age of six. They are undernourished and it leads to death. Hunger affects physical and mental growth.

2. The reason of people’s poverty is powerlessness. It is very hard to survive without political power. Human beings lack protection against the corruption of health care and education. It leads to dividing a society into two types, where the rich do not provide any help to the poor.

3. The last major cause of poverty is vulnerability. Economic crises, different kinds of natural disasters, wars or conflicts make the poor suffer with nobody to help. More over a lack of resources lead to helplessness of the country itself.

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