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Finishing up the Graduate Thesis

02 Feb 2017Writing Topics

Graduate Thesis Should Contribute to the Knowledge with new Findings

The purpose of a Graduate Thesis is to offer the student an opportunity to gain experience in investigating scholarly problem or an issue related to the subject area of student’s interest. Student selects a problem or an issue and formulates a research question or a thesis statement. Based on the research question or the thesis, student has to find data and information to support his/her thesis. Some exploratory research focus on embarking on the thesis without a particular research hypothesis and only come up with one, as the final outcome, at the end of the study. Furthering the theoretical and empirical knowledge on the problem and setting up appropriate research methods, methods for analyzing data and coming to a rational conclusion shall be the different steps involved. Students have to demonstrate their skills in these areas to obtain the higher degrees they are aiming at.

Writing a Thesis Proposal

For many higher degree programs, it is essential to submit a graduate thesis proposal and get the approval of the thesis committee. Thesis proposal shall be written in a given format and normally includes an introduction to thesis topic, literature review, purpose of the study and research questions, proposed methodologies, expected findings, summary and the references, In addition to these, a time schedule and a resource budget may also be needed. The students may be asked to present the proposal to the thesis committee and defend it to get the approval.

Structure for the Graduate Thesis

Thesis structure and thesis style can vary depending on the discipline and the subject area. For instance, in humanities there cannot be any rigid structure for the main body. Thesis starts with the introduction chapter followed by the body chapters. The appropriate structure for the body has to be decided considering the flow and the logic of the thesis as well as the type of the thesis. The thesis concludes with the conclusion chapter and the bibliography. In contrast, a science thesis structure takes a predetermined style. It must contain the following:

• Introduction
• Literature Review
• Methods used for the experiments
• Experimental results and discussion
• Theoretical modeling
• And comparison with experimental results
• Conclusion
• And recommendations for further research

Likewise in other disciplines also there are different structures. Students should refer to the specific guidelines provided by their universities.

Use of Thesis Outline and the Templates

When writing a thesis it is important to write an outline for the thesis as per the structure that is to be used. This outline helps the student to write the thesis without deviating from the specific topic. If a template for the thesis is created using the outline, the student can use the template to get the first draft of the thesis. In doing so, the student has to fill in the data, evidences and the arguments in the thesis outline.

Type of Help Available for Writing a Graduate Thesis

A graduate thesis takes a long time for research, experiments, or field surveys. The student has to take the main role in the thesis research and writing. Therefore if a student decides to get a custom thesis done, there should still be a high involvement of the student. If the student decides to get thesis help he/she should enlist a good thesis writing service which facilitates collaborations with the allocated writer. Students should also be meeting the supervisor frequently and get detailed feedback on the work being submitted for progression meetings. These details should be shared carefully with the writer to keep the work on the right track. With such commitment, you can get your graduate thesis custom written to perfection, while ensuring your total involvement in this important project.

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