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Globalization of Ideas

18 May 2017Essay Samples

Globalization is a term that can describe the world today in which every region of the world has been brought closer in a tie than ever before. We are now in the ‘globalize’ era characterized by an unprecedented high level of mobility of capital, finance, labor, trade, resources, industry, civil society and knowledge across the world. Technology and competence of human being have enabled and stimulated the process. With industrialization and imperialism of authoritative western countries, globalization can be termed confidently as “ westernization” of the world.

Along with globalization other important element that make globalization possible is Western/American ideology and value that has also been transferred and adopted throughout different regions of the world. Liberal democratic capitalism, which is referred to ‘Washington Consensus’ and believed to be the economic and political system that can improve all lives and which brings different nations on one platform, the platform of globalization. This idea is even more outstanding as the best practice after the Cold War period with the ending of Soviet Union. There are many theories; such as Fukuyama’s The End of History, Margaret Thatcher’s TINA (‘There is no alternative’), Hegemonic Ideology, George Bush’s New World Order- that imply this global phenomenon.

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Many claim that the process of globalization is not a new idea rather it has been prevailing in the world for many centuries. One of global phenomenon which enrooted western influence in developing world is western imperialism during seventeenth century to early twentieth century, in which western powers concurred most of third world countries. From imperialistic ideological point of view, apart from economic gains they educated and socialized the third world people in a way so these people could be useful for their own interests only.

Thailand is a culturally rich country and is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized. However, Thailand has been a leading country in its region in the movement toward liberal democratic capitalism. In the region, Thailand is recognized as the leading edge in democracy while emphasizing importance of capital economy. It is a strong evidence of capital liberalization in Thailand that led to the financial crisis in 1997, followed by International Monetary Fund’s influence.

My research will examine the history, pattern and theories implying the world’s globalization of idea. I will also examine history of Thailand, government policy with its purposes and history of socialization in Thailand to find out the critical process of globalization, situation and outcome. I will define research problem. With careful review of literatures and will develop conceptual framework that includes indicators, independent and dependent variables while concrete hypothesis will carefully be stated.

To test the hypothesis, in data collection, I will also sample and survey Thai people, local leaders, officials and experts in different region to find pattern, process, factor and aspect of idea globalization. I’ll also examine local background and policy that effect globalization of idea movement. I will translate and transform data into the analytical framework. I will utilize quantitative and qualitative methods to answer whether hypothesis is valid. Results of analysis will be explained and scrutinized.

In conclusion, I will reiterate the result of research analysis based on available data and literature. I endeavor to develop a set of current issues in globalization of idea and recommendation for policy makers. I believe that my preceding experiences and training at various institutions and my course works in economics, education, public policy and political science that contributed to globalization issues will benefit this research. My coursework at Columbia University, especially Seminar on Globalization and Market taught by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Professor Mark Kesselman’s Political Economy and Sociology in Global Capitalism, inspired me to examine this topic because globalization of idea leads to other kinds and practices regarding globalization. I believe that the research will be significant for academicians, policy makers and people to understand the nature and situation of Globalization of Idea, especially in developing world by using Thailand as a case study.

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