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Is it Worth Referring to a Good Literature Review Sample?

07 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Literature Review Sample Gives an Idea of How a Literature review is Written

Literature Review Sample is useful for the students to understand how a literature review looks like and how it should be written. A literature review is a report on a research about the present published knowledge on a specific topic. It should be written on an accepted format and a writing style and in formal language.

When starting a research project a preliminary research has to be done to study the background of the topic to be researched. Research on published knowledge in form of books, journal articles and various other forms of media has to be carried out. The results will identify the sources of information useful for the research project. A literature review summarizes the relevant information and cites the identified sources in a logical manner. It may be one of the main parts of a thesis or a dissertation.

Literature Review is not a Primary Source

Literature review is not a primary source of information because it does not contain any new knowledge on the topic. It contains material related to the existing knowledge on the topic. However, it should not be a mere list of books and articles written on the topic. Writer of a literature review organizes, synthesizes and summarizes the information that is relevant to the topic, available in published literature. He may insert brief comments and snippets of information to clarify some points to help the reader. A well written literature review sample may be helpful to the students to appreciate and understand how such a paper has to be written by themselves.

Literature Review Updates the Reader’s Knowledge on the Topic

The main purpose of a literature review is to provide history of evolution of the knowledge on the topic of the research paper. The literature review gives a chance to the reader who is not very familiar with the recent advances of knowledge and research on the topic. Any reader can refer to the sources mentioned in the literature review to get updated and be ready to grasp the content of the paper. It also helps the researcher to establish the existing gaps in knowledge which current and future studies can help to bridge. If the literature review is done for a project proposal such as a dissertation proposal it can show the importance of the topic and further research on the topic, to the approving committee.

Where to Find Good Literature Review Samples

Nowadays, finding a good literature review sample is not a difficult task. Downloading a thesis or a dissertation on a topic similar to the topic of the research project from a digital thesis collection of a good university is the easiest and the best way to find a good literature review. Students will get a review that has already approved and a part of a paper that is awarded with a higher degree.

Some Students Need Help in Writing a Literature Review

The students may need help in researching and identifying sources of information on the topic, synthesizing the information into a coherent and logical review document and formatting it to comply with the agreed writing format. They can get help from a good thesis writing service like, which has helped tens of thousands of students to write various types of academic papers like essays, term papers, literature reviews, research papers, theses and dissertations.

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