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20 Jun 2017Research Paper

Construction Of the Parts Of Research Paper

Research paper is one of the principal kinds of scientific work. Writing of student scientific papers is impossible without knowing the structure, the parts of research paper which it consists of. They are: the introduction, methodology, results, discussion of results and conclusions.

What are the main principles of construction of research paper? How to represent each of parts of research paper? We suppose, you need a lot of useful recommendations and we are ready to be receptive to your needs.

a)      In the beginning of research paper you should formulate a problem investigated in it.

b)     Then specify what scientists and experts investigated this problem and came nearer to the solution of the problem.

c)      Give the short analysis to works of predecessors; give references, present critical remarks.

d)      Specify what exactly has not been made in the last works on the given subjects, and what ways are represented as the most perspective ones. The above described aspects should be reflected in Introduction to research paper, and this part should be finished with clearly formulated problem of the work.

1)      In the Methodology section of research paper you should present methodical questions. For example, a technique of natural supervision, or methods of processing of catalogues, either the mathematical or numerical methods of the analysis used in work. It is useful to note, why you have chosen the given methods of research, what their advantages are. You can specify what methods of research were used earlier for the solution of the similar problems, what conveniences or advantages of the new methods are.

a)      Further present the particular results of the present work and how they differ from the  ones published before.

b)     Show an actual material, tables, schedules, drawings, photos. It is useful to present comments to tables and drawings, however it is not necessary to begin discussion of results in this section. Try to exclude from research paper any additional branches which do not have the direct relation to the given work even if they, in your opinion, have the big scientific value. Leave these inforation for the other research paper.

2)      The Discussion Of Results part of research paper contains detailed analysis. In this section you can discuss additional argument, auxiliary empirical parities and theoretical decisions. For persuasiveness it is possible to use other’s drawings, schemes and constructions (with references to works) if they help to explain the received conclusions.

3)      Research paper comes to the end with section Conclusions which can not be allocated as the separate paragraph, but should contain accurate and short formulations of conclusions of the work.

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