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How can you Write Your Abstract thesis?

27 Jan 2017Writing Tips

Thesis Abstract or Abstract Thesis. You Need to Catch the Gist of Your Thesis

Abstract thesis has to be done the end of writing your thesis although you have to place it even before the content page and the introduction. Once you have completed your undergraduate or graduate research, you will need to complete your thesis abstract. Abstract is the essence of the thesis which is placed just after the cover page.

This is the part that is read by your reader first and which makes the first impression on your thesis. So for this reason, don’t write it in a way that it is the last part your reader reads. The Abstract of the thesis must generate a keen interest in the reader’s mind to go on reading. Especially since a thesis is a lengthy document of rather complicated material, readers only choose to read them closely if the abstract manages to generate the requited initial interest. But remember an abstract is one page affair that may be 200 to 300 words long. Therefore you must do the abstract concisely, accurately and meticulously.

Purpose of thesis abstract

The main purpose of the abstract thesis is to provide a concise overview of the thesis for anyone scanning through. The abstract specially plays a key role in today’s digital thesis publications where the web based thesis databases usually provide the abstract for the review of the researchers. It is only if the abstract interests the researcher that the rest of the thesis gets retrieved and read and cited in future research papers. Writing everything in a few words is a tough job. But if you know the purpose of the thesis abstract you can limit your writing to bare essentials. The information you provide must answer to the following questions so that the reader will know all about your thesis.

• The background to your thesis, area of the research, and why you wanted to research on this.
• What did you research on and how you did it? What were your methods and where you did the research?
• Results and findings of your work.
• Importance of your results and the impact of these findings on present knowledge.
• Implications of the results.

Structure of the abstract

Though an abstract thesis is a very short piece of writing it should have a structure. It should have a beginning and an end. There should be a descriptive body in the middle. This is a typical structure for a well written thesis abstract.

1. Your topic or the background for research
2. Narrow down the topic to your thesis.
3. Aims of your research
4. Methods you used for the research
5. Important Results and findings of your study.
6. Significance of your findings and future applications or further research plans.

Writing Abstract Thesis

As you are tightly limited on the word count (normally 200 to 300 words) apply “minimum necessary rule” for information, words, phrases, and sentences. Write clearly, concisely and unambiguously. Avoid irrelevant or redundant information. Use single words in place of descriptive phrases whenever possible. Leave evaluations, descriptions, arguments, and questions for the thesis. Abstract is a brief report on your work. In this sense delete all adjectives and adverbs as they are descriptions. When writing numbers use numerals in place of words. Avoid passive voice as much as possible.

With these tips you can write your abstract thesis to inform your reader what is there in the thesis, and generate an interest to read on. The importance of the abstract justify getting thesis help from a thesis writing service if you find the task too challenging.

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