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How to Choose High School Thesis Topics

03 Feb 2017Writing Topics

All high school students are familiar with the high school thesis. Endless papers with endless topics. Luckily, many teachers reuse the same topics over and over, so high school thesis topics are often easy to work with.

History. If the topic has anything to do with history, it’s easy to break it into chunks and tackle it quickly. Topics regarding history tend to involve a lot of speculation and analysis (“How did the Long March cement communism as a driving force in China?”). Here are some things to remember:

  • Chronological order is a must.

  • The use of quotes and comparison show one’s opinion. Don’t be any more direct than that.

  • Use a wide variety of sources and opinions, refuting or accepting many viewpoints. Though this applies to any paper (consult the thesis writing guide for more helpful tips) it’s especially important when dealing with high school thesis topics.

Literature/Book reports. There are a lot of different approaches one can take to writing a book report or literature thesis.

  • Deconstructionist approaches are common among high school students, although many teachers are wary of this method of literary analysis.

  • Simple explanations of the text are good. Talk about how the plot unfolds, starting at the beginning and moving chronologically through to the end.

  • Write about why any given piece of writing is the way it is. Talk about the conditions under which it was created, and how they influenced the way the aforementioned work was crafted.

  • Instead of discussing the cultural climate that created a text, analyze the historical ramifications of a specific work. Pride and Prejudice, for instance, influenced an entire genre of literature.

Biographies. Biographies are among the most common high school thesis topics. Many students find writing a biography difficult, and while much of one’s success is attributed to practice, there are a few things to keep in mind while writing a biography.

  • Introductions and explanatory paragraphs should be in chronological order.

  • Any kind of analysis (which should be included in any biography about an artist or author) should be included in the body of the paper and in chronological order.

  • When analyzing specific choices made or works created, the biographer absolutely must reference outside forces that influenced the making of this choice or the creation of this work.

  • Use as many sources as possible. While this is good advice for any paper, as many voices contextualize and reaffirm one’s own credibility, it is especially important with biographies.

Religion/History of Religion. Writing on the history of a religious branch or a religion in general can be very complicated. So many pieces of conflicting evidence, differing translations, and unusual interpretations exist to confuse theological argument. Writing on a historical figure, which might consist of composing a Martin Luther thesis, can be more difficult than it at first appears, as the research necessary is complicated by varying biases.

  • If citing from a religious text absolutely include more than one translation.

  • Secular historians often —but not always— provide clearer accounts of religious leader’s actions.

  • This does not mean discount first-hand accounts of religious authority. Any first-hand account should be treated as a valid (but not objective) source of information.

There is no doubt that high school thesis topics are confusing. There is, however, a plethora of helpful hints and sources to help with thesis writing

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