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How to Define Thesis

31 Jan 2017Writing Tips

Student must be Able to Define Thesis before Embarking on a Thesis Project

Thesis is an unproven statement or argument that has strong arguments or evidences. When asked to define thesis students must state clearly and precisely, the main point they are going to write about. In other words they should formulate the thesis statement that defines the thesis of the research paper. Many students get stuck in this difficult task. Even doctoral candidates find it difficult to pass this first hurdle in the research process. After the subject area and the topic for the research is decided it is important to formulate the thesis statement or define thesis you are going to establish or prove. A good thesis must be strong so that there is strong evidence supporting it. There is no fixed method to formulate a good thesis statement because the different disciplines require different types of statements. But there are some common features of a good thesis statement.

What Makes a Good Thesis Statement?

• A thesis statement must state some interesting point of view that can be supported and defended by strong arguments and evidences.

• A good thesis statement must be wide enough to cover the whole research paper. That means each and every paragraph must be written to support your thesis.

• A good thesis statement will inform the reader not only about your argument but the way you are going to present it.

A Thesis Statement Is the Guideline in Writing the Research Paper

If you formulated the thesis statement in such a way that it informs the main idea and the way you are going to present the evidences and arguments, then it can serve as the thesis outline, of course with a slight expansion. Following example will make it clear.

“Late night parties is a nuisance to the neighboring residents, breaking their sleep, sometime damaging the property, and bringing disrespect to the neighborhood”

When you define thesis in this way it express a point of view. It informs the reader what the paper is about. Then reader can expect to read about three undesirable outcomes from the late night parties. The writer may write three chapters giving results of the surveys carried out etc. in the order they are mentioned.

The Aim of the Research is Advancing the Human Knowledge

The main purpose of research is to advance the human knowledge by adding new knowledge to the existing human knowledge base. Selection of a suitable thesis idea for the research and formulating a specific and precise thesis statement plays a vital role in this. However if a student commit him/her self to carryout a research with this noble aim he/she has to continue till a useful result is achieved. It is obvious that assistance and guidance is required for this purpose. That assistance must come from the research supervisors and the faculty, but sometimes student may need additional help. It is in the best interest of the student and the academia in general to get help and achieve worthwhile results to advance the human knowledge. Therefore, if you find yourself faltering in your thesis project, or unable to define thesis statement properly, do not hesitate to enlist thesis help from a reliable professional writing service.

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