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How to Introduce Term Paper Ideas

12 Jun 2017Term Paper

It is clear, that the first term student will hardly choose a topic in the first semester. One is still the yesterday’s schoolboy and only adapts for student’s specific life. What to begin with? Certainly, all starts with a choice of the term paper topic. The topic choice is not ordinary thing, especially for the first time. In this case it is better to define your own “like“ and “dislike“, to address to the teacher and to consult about a term paper idea and the literature concerning them.

The main thing is that one or another question (a topic of the term paper as a whole) would be favourite for you. You would capture this question completely and could transfer it in writing. In the middle of the academic year you are obliged to reflect, and at the beginning of the second semester – to discuss a topic at the faculty or with your professor. To embody the ideas you should undertake such steps:

  • As a rule, there are lists of approximate topics for term works at the departments, therefore it is possible to consider them and choose the topic by taste. If the topics from the list do not satisfy you, you can try to formulate independently your own one after you have consulted with your supervisor about a term paper idea.
  • Do not be afraid to address to the supervisor. Discuss the time plan of term paper performance, its structure and the form of representation for estimation with him.
  • After a choice of the term paper topic, the necessary literature is selected, again by means of consultation or sources. It should be not only read, but comprehended and understood. It is necessary to know about the different points of view in the literature on the given topic to compare them.
  • Further, it is necessary to plan your work by time and structure. At last, after the paper has been done, transfer its basic maintenance to the sheet of paper. You can structure your work by sources, i.e. the term paper structure repeats sequence of the topic in the literature. But it is possible to offer your own one, which would be one of the term paper ideas.
  • At the topic choice it is desirable to display its problematical character in the formulation (name), its creative and innovative decision. The problematical character is always interfaced to overcoming some difficulties. It is not necessary to be afraid of them, more likely even it is necessary to aspire to independence in judgements and decisions.

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