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How to Structure a Dissertation

05 Apr 2016Writing Tips
Writing a dissertation is laborious and time-consuming process. And that’s why you can’t avoid high-quality, sophisticated structuring because otherwise work will look incomplete or illogical. It is important to build structure of text taking into account everything, even slightest nuances.


How to Structure a Dissertation

Come up with topic and learn it

You can’t structure work correctly if you’re not versed in thematic direction of your research. Examine topic of your thesis, get info about latest discoveries or advances in topic you are engaged with. Use different sources of info. Recheck accuracy of data and compare facts, because one of the most common mistakes made by students is inauthenticity of info in their work.

Understand what the purpose of dissertation is

Every scientific work aims to prove one or another theory, or, on contrary, to refute it. That’s why from the beginning you must understand purpose of your dissertation. Clear awareness of goal of your assignment helps author to create certain mood in his text.

Find out what dissertation consists of and how every part of it must look like

Theses may differ from each other. This explains overall orientation: it may be technical dissertation, thesis or literary dissertation on any topic. So it will be useful to find several works that have similar topics, then you can study them to learn how to structure dissertation correctly and how it should look in the end.

Create detailed plan

First step is planning, you need to build plan for your thesis, below is presented sample design.

  • Chapter 1 Critical analysis of the problem

    1. Define issue and research queries in the beginning of your dissertation to give readers insight of your idea.

    2. Add points of view of other authors on this problem, show solutions that they offer; analyze existing works.

    3. General ideas about possible solutions; theoretical and methodological proof.

  • Chapter 2 Suggested ways to solve problems

    1. To make your paper easy readable divide it into several small parts with subheadings and subparagraphs.

    2. Define ways to resolve each of smaller matters

    3. Analyzing and connecting result of solutions, based on this data offer solution to the whole problem.

  • Chapter 3 Check and approve research results

    1. Testing of the proposed method of solving the problem on the basis of your calculations, tests, experiments, and data.

    2. Comparison of received outcome with the previous results in similar works, which can confirm accuracy, progressiveness, and prospects, obtained in the thesis results.

    3. The practical use of results.

    4. Show how you see perspectives that your research results open to science and what impact received data can have on science progress.

Get advice and feedbacks from your professor

Your professor is the first person to turn to for help with dissertation because he can give you competent advice or some useful ideas. If you faced troubles with structuring your text, give it to professor and basing on his comments you can clarify all nuances and create good work.

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