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How To Write a Good Thesis Statement

26 Jan 2017Writing Tips

Tips to Help You Write a Good Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement is strong in its expression and it is proven with evidence.  A thesis statement has to be the result of your own thinking – you arrive at this thinking after you have put in considerable research into the topic.  The thesis statement is the main idea of the entire project you are doing.  It is the point of view or the angle from which your research material is presented.

You have to place it as early as possible in your essay, in the first paragraph preferably.  If it is a very long essay you are writing, your statement may have to run into several sentences or you may have to place it in the second paragraph.  But see that your statement is not hidden in the middle of the paragraph, but occurs in the beginning or in the end, so that the statement acts as a more effective guide for its readers.

Your thesis statement has to be well written and concise.  A good thesis statement is a clear assertion, and as it comes right in the beginning of your thesis, it provides the road map to the argument that you will be developing in your thesis.

A thesis statement is different from an opinion statement. A thesis conveys to its readers that the claim that is being made has been explored thoroughly and it can be defended by evidence.  It can answer both the questions ‘what is the argument?’ and ‘why is this the most persuasive argument?’

So, your thesis statement has to make an assertion – you are putting forward an argument and not stating an observation or a fact.  For example, the sentence “the country is experiencing a recession” states a fact; on the other hand, “the recession should have been avoided with proper handling of loans”, is an assertion.

Your thesis statement has to relay your main idea – it is an overview of the central premise of your dissertation.  It is not a creative title or a fancy play of words, it is the basic message you will be expounding in your essay.

It has a limited focus. You have to narrow down your thesis statement and concentrate on a particular aspect of your argument.  This will enable you to back it up with targeted facts instead of using a whole lot of abstract ideas.  You have to keep it focused on one main point and not on a number of different points irrespective of how related they may seem to you at this point.

You have to take a strong stand. A good thesis statement has to be pointed and firm and not just an announcement of the subject you will be writing on. You have to take a stand, state a strong opinion which you will support and qualify in your dissertation.

Once a good thesis statement is in place, you have to make sure and avoid misunderstandings and confusion in your writing, so run it through an efficient writing software, or you may take thesis help.  You will definitely want to avoid grammar and other language errors that might make your professor scratch his head to figure out what you are really trying to say.

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