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Coming Up With Ideas For Thesis

04 Jan 2017Writing Tips

Students wonder where to get good ideas for thesis when they are faced with writing a thesis paper. Ideas come from various sources. They come at unexpected times from unexpected sources. Students have to be on the alert to identify a good thesis idea when it flashes in the mind. Students shall keep notes of all the ideas that flash through their minds, while they are in search of ideas for writing the thesis. The sources that can trigger the mind to bring a good idea are the books, trade journals, news items, websites, blogs and conversations with friends etc.

Collecting Thesis Ideas – Brainstorming

The selection of a good topic and a thesis for the thesis paper is a process of divergent thinking followed by convergent thinking. At the start, students collect a diverse set of ideas within the scope of the research for the thesis. Then students have to follow a process of elimination of the ideas one by one until two or three ideas remain. With careful consideration of suitability of the ideas for thesis and ease for research, and the student’s understanding of the topic he/she can select the best two or three ideas. A preliminary research of freely available and easily accessible sources can help the student to select the best idea for writing a good thesis out of the remaining two or three ideas.

Delete Ideas from the List Keeping the Best One

Once a list containing about a dozen ideas for thesis is compiled the convergent thinking should take place. Eliminating eleven ideas from a list of twelve is not easy. The student should apply some criteria for this elimination process. These are some criteria that have to be used.
• The idea should be within the subject scope of the Degree program
• The idea has to be specific and deal with one topic only
• It should be narrow enough to research and write the thesis within the given time frame, scope and word limit.
• Simple enough for researching by the student using his/her knowledge and intelligence
• Complex enough to generate an interest within the academic and professional community.

Getting Ready for the Next Step

Thesis writing does not end in selecting the thesis idea. That is only a very small task in the whole process of thesis writing. But students have to know that a good thesis idea produces a good academic thesis and at the same time makes it easy for the student finish the work early. Knowing this, students can select their thesis idea with the next steps ahead in mind. The most important step to be considered in selecting is the research. The selected thesis idea shall be about a topic that offers conditions for convenient research.

Help for Thesis Ideas and Writing the Thesis

Finding thesis ideas is not a problem for many students. But problem lies in selecting one good idea that can make writing the thesis a reality and a success. If the student follow the brain storming and eliminating process correctly this becomes an easier task. Thesis idea is the first step of a long journey. Writing a thesis can take one semester to two or three years, depending on the nature and the level of the research. With appropriate thesis help students can minimize the troubles and problems to finish the thesis in minimum possible time thus saving months, or perhaps years of their valuable time and money


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