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Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

18 May 2017Essay Samples

Before Comparing both software, the attributes that tie them in same category needs to be highlighted. Both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are desktop applications that enable users to display retrieve, present, traverse and interpret data on the World Wide Web. It can be called as a graphical tool or an interface that is designed for clients to access and interact with html contents. It may include text, images, videos, music and other information. Most popular web browsers include Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome.

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The story of Internet Explorer began in 1995, when Microsoft inaugurated an Internet Strategy Day. They declared their dedication in enhancing internet facilities in all of their products. For their promise they launched Microsoft Internet Explorer, now known as Windows Internet Explorer. It was a package of graphical web browser and other collection of technologies. It has proved to be most widely used web browser since 1999. The company introduced it as a part of its operating system. Microsoft has presented its 8 versions up till now. It was so common that since 2002 to 2003, had attain a peak of 95% of users. For that journey of successful accomplishment, company spent over $100 million in the initial years of promotion.

Microsoft internet explorer commonly abbreviated as IE, provides surfers with tremendous browser performance. It is speedy and easy in the real world. It provides safe, reliable and quick access with peace of mind. It facilitates to search and discover on internet with high manageability and compatibility. It provides security and privacy with easy to use conditions. It also supports commonly used web standard for websites to be visited.

Windows explorer is now offering marvelous features. Among them the topmost is the presence of accelerators. It helps in performing routine search quickly without being traverse to other sites. It is also occupied with new searching capabilities. It supports by giving immediate searching suggestions without the need to type the whole phrase. Its partnership with other search providers like Bing, Yahoo! and Amazon results in providing visual suggestions. An extra quality that browser provides is its redesigned toolbar with “Find on page” option. This option assists in highlighting and identifying desired character easily. Its stylish address bars contribute to better performance by minimizing load time for web pages.

Now investigating Google Chrome entrance in competitive browsing market shows simplicity in appearance. It appears to be an inspiring package of different stirring features. It has adopted a different approach i.e. instead of blank page, the browser starts with thumbnail. Its conflict resolution is another very smart attribute. It only halts that particular browser facing inconsistency while enabling the entire searching session to work properly.

Google Chrome has adopted minimalist approach of surfing over net. It is an open source application. Its inspiring idea is visualized from apple's Web Kit and Mozilla’s Firefox. It has awesome ingredients like stability, responsiveness and high speed. It allows users to navigate to their preferred web pages quickly. Still more new features are being developed to compete with other web browsers in internet searching market.

A survey of different internet browsers was conducted in which Google Chrome gains 88% high rank while Internet Explorer stands with 33% rank. It shows that with the advent of number of internet browsers, Microsoft is facing a huge bang in this domain. On the other hand Google Chrome is mounting up for its cool unbeatable attributes. But still more efforts are needed to gain that supremacy and good will Windows Explorer had for a long era.

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