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Is there any Difference between a Thesis and Dissertation?

24 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Understanding the Thesis and Dissertation Differences

The terms thesis and dissertation are used synonymously by some people. Usually, both terms are used for referring to academic papers written by students for obtaining their degrees or professional qualifications. These papers present the results or findings of their research work. In USA, Canada and Pakistan, a dissertation is the paper submitted as fulfillment of the requirement for obtaining a Doctorate. Thesis is a paper submitted as a part of the requirements for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree. In UK, Australia and India, the use of the two terms are reversed. A thesis is the term used for the paper written for a Doctorate, while the dissertations are written for Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. Various such differences exist around the world in using these two terms.

Thesis, Hypothesis and the Research Problem

At the beginning of a thesis or a dissertation project, students have to define the main research problem for the project. This has to be the foundation for the research, experiments, surveys and writing paper. The research problem has to be written as a thesis statement, clearly, unambiguously, and specifically. For a project involving scientific experiments and surveys or field observations to collect data, a hypothesis has to be built. The aim of the research is to test the hypothesis. Comparing the results with the predictions using the hypothesis can be used to support the hypothesis. These aspects are equally applicable to a thesis or a dissertation.

Proposal for a Thesis or a Dissertation

Students have to do a lot of work at the initial stages of a thesis or a dissertation project. Selection of a topic, finding a research problem, formulating a thesis or building a hypothesis, selecting methodologies for setting up experiments and evaluation of the results, have to be done to make an acceptable proposal. Proposal stage of thesis and dissertation projects is a big challenge. Usually, students will have to defend the proposal before a thesis committee to get approval for the project. Preparing a proposal for a Doctoral thesis may take several months. However, both a dissertation and a thesis will need an approval based on a proposal.

Writing a Thesis or a Dissertation

After gathering information, data and evidences to support the thesis or to prove the hypothesis, students will have to present the findings, in a written paper which is referred to as thesis or dissertation. Writing a thesis outline that can guide the students is essential to produce a good thesis or a dissertation. There are some widely accepted standard writing styles for writing academic papers. Some Universities and faculties have their own house styles. Mostly used styles are MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard writing styles. There are some standards issued by International Standards Organization (ISO) that are increasingly used in writing formal papers. Applying these stands in writing the thesis or dissertation report is common to both types of papers.

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation is a tedious Job

Writing thesis and dissertation is not an easy job. Students will be happy to get any form of assistance that can lighten up their workload. Many tasks involved in writing these academic papers. It can be made simple by computers and the internet. Finding and getting help for thesis writing also is not a difficult task anymore. Contacting a good thesis or dissertation writing service to write your paper can vastly enhances the quality of the final project. When students buy thesis, assistance will be available for each and every stage of thesis writing process

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