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Judicial College Term Paper

19 May 2017Essay Samples

We have been called, with some justification, a litigious society. Recourse to the courts seems to be a mechanical response for some of us whenever we espy that our rights and interests are threatened or diminished. The micro-level decision process of individual judges entails policy making through remedy composition as well as legal interpretation. With regards to state trial courts it is debated that such courts do make policy and grow an analytical framework of the policy significance of distinct stages in lawsuits.

A similar analysis is applied to the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal district courts as well as to the state court systems. It is, to say the least, a very thorough summary; indeed perhaps so much so that the typical undergraduate might become so snarled in detail that some of the basic themes e.g. the differences between trial and appellate courts, the distinction between the state and federal system might well be lost.
The United States of America is divided into three branches, the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, and the judicial branch. The Judicial branch looks after the courts, and criminal trials.

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The judicial branch explicates the laws of our land or makes certain that they are in line with the Constitution. If a situation or judicial procedure does not assent with the Constitution it is said to be unlawful or unconstitutional. At the national level, the Supreme Court is the topmost court in the country. Also there are numerous federal courts in the states that deal with the federal laws. There are two different kinds of matters that the courts attend to which are criminal and civil cases. Civil cases have to do with people's rights being transgressed. Criminal cases have to do with crimes that have been charged with.

Nearly all cases are listened to before a jury. The jury is an assembly of 12 citizens who give ear to evidence and arguments given by the prosecution and defense in a case. The jury then judges the ruling or decision if the charged is censurable or blameless. The state also has courts. The superlative court in the state of New York is the Court of Appeals. There are provincial courts as well. These courts are in the city, precinct and town level. The primary functions of the branch embody contributing means for the enforcement of federal laws and inquiring infringement. Governing the federal penal institutions providing legal counsel in cases containing the federal government and conducting all suits brought before the U.S. Supreme Court in which the federal government is concerned

Scanning laws relevant to the actions of the other federal departments and providing legal advice, on solicitation, to the president and to cabinet members. The vision of the judicial branch of America should be to have a branch that is completely autonomous, capable of providing society with high quality, competent and responsible services that are free from depravity. A Branch that is composed of judges who are all equally self-ruling and who invigorate reliance and faith midst the people.

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