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Law And Justice For The Poor Admission Essay Sample

23 Mar 2017Writing Topics

As a child, my strength as a defender and protector of the weak emerged early. I always helped out the children who were bullied and spoke against the vice during my elementary years. Throughout high school I was a member of the debating club and social work club. These clubs enabled me to sensitize my schoolmates on the issues that were experienced by people from underprivileged backgrounds from an early age. After high school I went to college and obtained a diploma in social work and counseling. I knew that these qualifications would enable me to help the less privileged.

During my summer holidays I got the chance to work as an intern with UNICEF program and this entailed visiting orphanages and children in slums within South America, Asia and Africa. This opportunity drew me to the fact that there are so many children who were being abused and they have nobody to defend their rights. This moved my heart and I decided that I want to defend them. Going into the field and hearing about the issues children face daily was a new experience for me. I knew I had to do something because very few people are willing to assist these poor children get redress for afflictions committed against them.

My passion stems from a deep desire to defend the helpless. Although I have already acquired a diploma in social work and another in psychology I feel that a degree in law will give me the best qualification to help children. As a social worker my ability to seek redress for the needy is limited. The most I can do is create awareness, counsel the victim and report matters to higher authority. However, a degree will enable me to ensure that justice prevails over many child abuse cases. It will also give me knowledge of various forms of abuse and how to deal with them.

I intend to start a pro bono program to defend the rights of such children and the only way to do that is to get a law degree. With my new knowledge I will not only inform my clients about their rights but also help them seek justice without worrying about money and write my essay.

I am passionate about this cause and I believe your university will provide the best platform for me to achieve my dreams. Even though I am more interested in child rights, I am well aware that the law is related on varied aspects and it is necessary for me to learn about the law in general as opposed to taking up a short course on children rights. Societal issues are largely related and there is a deeper root in every problem. Learning laws will give me a wider perspective on these issues and show me exactly what is legal and what is not. This knowledge will later be passed on to needy clients who have no defender. I have always been a defender and this chance will help to bring out the best in me.

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