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Leadership in Work Teams

18 May 2017Essay Samples

Leader is a person who advances organizational goals by influencing the attitudes and actions of others, and the ability to influence and to motivate others to achieve organizational goals can be defined as Leadership. The leadership process involves using authority to help determine group or organizational goals, motivating organization members to work toward achieving those goals, and influencing group dynamics and organizational culture.

Leadership and motivation go hand-in-hand. Just as employees draw inspiration from leaders, leaders are not considered as leaders unless they can motivate others. Generally, organizational leadership is a continuous process rather than a one-time event, providing the means to one end performance.

Work Teams

A formal group characterized by relative autonomy and active employee participation in management and decision-making activities. The member must have the ability to act together. It proudly shares a sense why the team exists and are invested in accomplishing its mission and goals, they should know what needs to be done next, by whom, and by when to achieve team goals. Team members should contribute ideas and solutions, recognize and respect differences in others, value the ideas and contributions of others, listen and share information, ask questions and get clarification, participate fully and keep their commitments, be flexible and respect the partnership created by a team, strive for the "win-win" and have fun and care about the team and the outcomes.

Three types of teams are increasingly popular in the United States. These are problem solving, special-purpose and self-managing teams. Problem-solving team consist of a group of employee and manager volunteers who meet regularly to discuss methods for solving problems with products, processes, quality or the work environment. Special-purpose team, is also called a cross-functional team, made up of members with diverse levels of experience and knowledge that work together on a specific activity. These teams with union employees and officials working alongside management are becoming more common in many industries as companies seek closer cooperation on a variety of issues that affects organizational competitiveness, productivity and profitability. Self-managing team is a team in which members are responsible for virtually all aspects of an operation or production process.

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Role of Leadership in Work Teams

Leadership can play a vital role in Work Teams. The relation between Leadership and its team is of mutual trust and support. It indicates the willingness of team members to respond to leader guidance, when team members and leaders trust each other and are mutually supportive of work efforts, leader-work team relation are good; when work team members and leader distrust each other and are not supportive, leader-work team relation will be considered as poor and worst and even there will be no leadership in work teams.

Management Role

Besides Leadership and Work Team members, Management of an organization has very important and essential responsibility to provide feasible and healthy environment to leadership and its work team. It includes providing proper materials, personalities, policies and other influences that affect its performance or operation. Office layouts, availability of physical aspects of workplace are all parts of environment, but intangibles such as the organizational culture in which the group operates are also important. Providing an environment can encourage teamwork members and participants but it requires different management approaches than that used in traditional formal teams/groups.

Establishing an environment in which all team members feel responsibility as the manager for the team performance. Management has to provide feeling and sense of common purpose about why the team exists and the function it serves, creating a climate of trust and open, honest communication, keeping meetings and interactions focused on results, applying individual talents and creativity, identifying and acting on opportunities. Opportunities for feedback and updating skills are provided and taken advantage by team members. As a member of a team, managers act as coaches, advisers, consultants and liaisons rather than as directive leaders, because responsibility is shared with other team members and their participation is encouraged.

Behavior of a Team Leader

A good Team Leader should have to be loyal, energetic, good advisor having qualities of a good teacher and communicator. He should be responsible and optimistic. He should have encouraging and helping attitude and try to judge its teamwork member by their ability and performance instead of doing any favoritism. He should be innovative, good planner, team builder and capable of handling difficult and complicated issues.

To be an effective team builder, he needs to use all his skills such as active listening, feedback, conflict resolution, problem solving, and coaching.

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