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24 Jan 2017Writing Topics

Literary thesis– the dos and the don’ts

We would like to help you understand the whole idea of a literary thesis by presenting you with the dos and don’ts of writing one. Of course, writing a thesis on a literary topic is not easy at all; with our help, you will be able to position yourself well and get your writing off to a good beginning. Take a good look at the website before you go any further.

What you should do

  • Don’t just state the topic that you wish to work on; instead make an assertion. In other words, your statement has to be strong and worded in a confident manner. Any kind of wishy-washy statement is not going to be a good way to begin a literary thesis.

  • Ensure that your thesis statement is clear and presents your opinion in a clear way. Also mention here, the kind of sources that you intend going to for further support and backup.

  • In case you are making a few points by using some metaphors, make sure they are in tune with the general layout and feel of the thesis. Since it is a literary piece, you need to be careful about the metaphors in use. Mixed metaphors might not sit well here.

  • Using annotations would be good, provided you are aware of the technique of blending them in with the rest of your writing. Take care not to overdo the annotations. It could make your thesis look like a collection of annotations and nothing more.

What you should not do

  • Do not bring in stuff that you are not sure of. Let us imagine that you are planning to bring in some supporting info for the statements that you have made at the beginning of your thesis. Check them; ensure they are original before you incorporate them.

  • Do not make vague statements. This is not going to increase your standing as a research writer. If you are not sure of the statement; do not mention it at all. If you are keen on bringing it in, then find the right source and use it as a citation.

  • Do not make simplistic statements and try to pass them off as learned opinions. This will not help. Also remember that one simplistic statement could reduce the impact of your arguments or statements in a thesis.

  • Without showing the way forward in a discussion, do not embark on a line of thought. You need to be able to substantiate your ideas and discussions with proper evidence; so think before you state or suggest anything.

The lists given above might not contain all the dos and don’ts of writing a literary thesis. However, if you could give us a call and ask our literary writers to help you out, your work could be easily accomplished. Most of the time, a literary topic can be written as a persuasive thesis or an argumentative essay thesis. Either way, you need to be sure of developing a thesis idea well. So call if you get stuck at any point.

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