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Making Use of a Good Research Methodology Example

09 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Study a Research Methodology Example before selecting the Methodology for your Research

Studying a research methodology example before selecting the methodology for a research gives an insight to the value of methodology for the success of the research. For carrying out any research, an appropriate research methodology is as important as a well defined research problem or a well formulated thesis. Therefore, first thing to do after identifying and defining a research problem is to study the problem, study similar research carried out before and select or develop a research methodology that will give new data, information and knowledge.

Select your Research Methodology to match the Type of Research

As there are different types of research, the methods for doing the research also have to be different. Research is a process aimed at producing knowledge. New knowledge can come from mainly three types of research. They are exploratory research, constructive research and empirical research. Research methodology used in any of these types of research is the scientific method. A research done for writing a Doctoral thesis is expected to produce new knowledge. Writing a Doctoral thesis is a tedious and a long process that involves meticulous research into a topic selected from the student’s main discipline. Depending on the study qualitative or quantitative designs can be used.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Research methods are classified as per the type of data it produces. Quantitative research methods produce data in the form of numbers and analysis of data brings results that can be compared with results from studies on the same topic. Various standard analytical tools like statistical methods are available for analysis of data from quantitative research. In the other hand, qualitative research produces data in the form of words, pictures or objects. This method is suitable for researching into topics on which only a little information is available and explorative design is required. A research methodology example for qualitative research is an ornithologist observing the behaviors of a newly identified species of birds.

Empirical Research Methodologies

Empirical research methodologies are used to collect new data on a fairly understood topic, phenomenon or an object. The data collected is quantitative and suitable for analysis using statistical methods. The results and final conclusions can be drawn from this type of research. The empirical research methods used in social sciences are interviews, questionnaires, telephone interviews and online polls. If the students face the problem of selecting a research methodology for their research they have to discuss with thesis supervisor or get the professional help. Studying a thesis sample on the same topic or a similar topic can also be useful.

Thesis help can make your good Thesis an excellent Thesis

If a student spends several months and consume a vast amount of resources in addition to his/her time to write a thesis, it has to be of value. Value comes from the new knowledge the thesis offers to the academic world. Looking at a thesis as an instrument of getting a degree is a narrow idea. Students to strive to produce excellent theses using thesis help so that the theses can be of value to others too. The quality of the research also can be improved by the selection of appropriate methods by following a research methodology example.

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