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Making Use of a Persuasive Thesis Statement

08 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Persuasive Thesis Statement has special Characteristics

Persuasive thesis statement expresses the main claim or the main argument of a persuasive essay. It is not different from other thesis statements, but has its own special characteristics. Students have to grasp both the special characteristics as well as the general characteristics in a thesis statement. Persuasive essay influences the readers to agree on the main claim or the argument presented in the essay. There are three means of persuasion as described by Aristotle. They are Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Students should be well aware of how he/she is going to persuade when they formulate a persuasive thesis statement.

The Three Means of Persuasion

The three means of persuasion are ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is appeal to reputation and character. Pathos is appeal to emotion. Logos is appeal to reason. An argumentative essay appeals to reason. The writer brings in valid and reasonable arguments that are logically sound to support the main thesis. A persuasive essay also has to present arguments to persuade the reader. But a persuasive essay goes beyond the argumentative essay and shall appeal to the reader’s emotions also to be successful at persuasion.

Characteristics of a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement

Students should learn the following characteristics of a good persuasive thesis statement before starting to write the thesis statement.

• A thesis statement must be a proposition, not a question or a statement of a problem.
• It must be realistic. Otherwise it is impossible to persuade readers to accept it.
• A thesis statement has to be interesting and important.
• It has to be debatable. If not people accept it even without any persuasion.
• Thesis statement has to be specific.
• It must have a persuasive element. This is where the appeal to emotion is required. It can show the writer’s stand, his/her desire and interest in reader’s acceptance of the proposition in the thesis statement.

Writing an excellent Persuasive Thesis

For a persuasive thesis written for a higher level theses such as a doctoral thesis, which is presenting the results of a serious research project, a strong persuasive thesis statement is of immense value. If the students formulate the thesis and write the thesis statement with all the above characteristics an excellent thesis paper can be written without much difficulty because the thesis statement provides a good foundation on which the thesis paper can be written. In fact the thesis has to be written using all three means of persuasion to make the academic community accept the thesis. Reading through a good sample thesis will show how it has used these means of persuasion.

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