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Master the Formulating of a Research Paper Thesis

07 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Write a Strong Research Paper Thesis for a Successful Research Paper

A successful research paper can be written if your research paper thesis is strong. A research paper written on a weak or a flawed thesis will not be able to convince the readers to accept the thesis. Therefore developing a strong thesis statement is of utmost importance. Selection of a good topic, developing a good thesis and writing the thesis statement are the key points that should be learnt by the students, for writing successful research papers. Here are some tips for developing good theses for research papers.

Learn the Characteristics of a good Thesis

To develop good theses students can learn the characteristics of good theses. Here are some:

• The thesis has to be specific and not a vague general idea.
• A good thesis is not a question, but answers a question, the research question.
• A good thesis always takes a point of view which is to be proved or supported by proposed research.
• A thesis has to be complete. The research paper should deal with the specific topic in the thesis only, and the thesis should cover only the contents in the research paper.
Studying a good thesis sample will help students to learn how to develop good theses for their research papers.

Writing a good Thesis Statement is an Art as much as a Science

Writing a research paper thesis is an art to be learned and practiced. Once the topic is selected and a thesis is formulated it must be stated as a thesis statement. But it is not a statement of facts. Just writing the thesis cannot make a good thesis statement. It has to be written in a way that can trigger the interest of the reader, challenges the reader and focuses on the thesis. Thesis has to allow the readers to disagree. If the thesis is an obvious fact, then there is no need for a research to be carried out. Thesis statement should be straightforward, clear and concise.

Difference between a Thesis and a Research Paper

A thesis is written by students for fulfilling partially or fully, the requirement of obtaining a degree, normally at the post graduate level. For instance, Doctoral thesis is the requirement that has to be fulfilled to obtain a Doctorate. This type of a thesis, called a dissertation in some countries. A thesis for a postgraduate degree takes few years to complete. But a research paper is written as assignments for a subject taken for a degree course. Whether it is a thesis for a degree or a research paper, the thesis statement is the central question being addressed when an empirical investigation is being made in to a particular subject topic or phenomena.

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