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20 Jun 2017Research Paper

How Are the Parts Of a Research Paper Composed?

Research paper is one of the principal kinds of scientific work. It contains the statement of the intermediate or final results of scientific research, takes up the separate particular question on the research topic and fixes scientific priority of the author. Writing of scientific papers is impossible without knowing the structure, the parts of a research paper which it consists of.

Are you eager to know how a common research paper is structured? How to formulate each of the parts of a research paper? How much space should they take separately and in total? You can find it out if you get acquainted with the following information.

1. The introduction is a statement of a scientific problem, its urgency, connection with the major tasks which are necessary to solve, the necessity for development of a certain branch of science or practical activities.  (1 paragraph or 5-10 lines);

2. The main research (the last ones in chronological order) and publications which the author leans against, the consideration of the problem, the difficulties by working out of the given question, allocation of unresolved questions within the general problem to which the paper is devoted (0,5 – 2 pages of the typewritten text through two intervals);

3. The formulation of the paper purpose (problem statement) expresses the main idea of the given publication which essentially differs from modern conceptions about the problem, supplements or deepens already known approaches. Much attention is paid herein to the introduction of the new facts, conclusions, recommendations, laws or specification which have not been enough studied yet. The paper purpose follows from the statement of a scientific problem and the review of the basic publications on a topic (1 paragraph, or 5-10 lines).

4. Among the parts of a research paper the statement of the body of your own research is the basic one. Here the substantive provisions and results of scientific research, personal ideas and thoughts, received scientific facts, the invented laws, communications, tendencies, the experiment program, a technique of reception and the analysis of an actual material, the personal contribution of the author into achievement and realization of the basic conclusions are covered (on 5-6 pages).

5. The conclusion in which the basic resume of the author is formulated, as well as the maintenance of conclusions and recommendations, their values for the theory and practice, the importance for society. In this part the prospects of the subsequent investigations on a topic are designated in short (1-3 pages).

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