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Most Common Research Doctorate in USA

21 Jun 2016Writing Topics

USA has long been the birthplace of innovation and technological progress. Many of the gigantic leaps the country has taken over the past decades wouldn’t be possible without investing in education and, primarily, research. Due to intense industry focus, intensive space explorations and emphasis on social and medical studies, the demand for enthusiastic and resourceful PhDs is growing faster than they can finish writing their dissertations.

American PhD market is competitive. In addition to thousands of international students who are drawn to do the research in the US, 26% of American graduates in 2015 enrolled to continue their master and doctoral degrees endeavors. If you are considering to go into the science anytime soon – better buckle up and choose your next moves wisely!

How to Choose the Thesis Subject?

One of the primary steps you will have to do is choosing an area to dig into. There are two major factors to consider: 1) popularity of your subject in regard of corporate and academia sectors plus 2) where you heart belongs.

When making their choice, most PhDs tend to prioritize the second. Because what’s it all worth is it’s not love, right? Living with the topic you are passionate about will help you survive thousands of boring pages and hours of analyzing and entering data. Sure, at anytime you can turn to the dissertation writing service, such as or any of the millions of others. Their writers are handpicked professionals. Word is that they are specially trained to make their clients obtain doctorate status no matter what. But loving the topic you are about to spend your best years on is an important success factor.

There’s another trick to a successful PhD journey. It is to begin with the number One factor and then move on to Number Two. What most postdocs don’t realize is that they most likely you will not save this world, open a new planet or cure our humanity of cancer. Your postgraduate studies are costing you both time and money, that is why it is important to make sure that you investigate an issue that has practical meaning and real-market economy value.

Below is a doctoral major that is by many means the most popular research doctorate in the USA. It is based on job market opportunities growth, increased financial benefits comparing to BA and MA diplomas, topped with personal opinion of those who are already involved in this sphere.

Doctor of Philosophy in Law

When you browse different PhD proposal samples depositories, you will realize that this is one of the most desired and popular degrees.

  • Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply for postgraduate studies in law one must have obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in this sphere. It takes three to four years to complete.

Legal sphere in the US has long and proud history and American law schools are one of the most desired in the world. That is why their programs are considered very rigorous and scientists study most of the nervous disorders on law school students (just something you should know!).

Legal education is competitive. It assumes that besides having previous degree, the applicant has been practicing law and has a clear market understanding of his or her area. This guarantees that you can bring a valuable edition to the faculty and your future findings will find practical application.

How to apply?

Every school has its own selection criteria and if you are applying outside of the institution you’ve previously studied at, you will have to spend some time discovering what they are looking for specifically.

In general applying for a PhD should look something like this:

  • Choose an educational institution and a mentor/ supervisor (keep in mind that a mentor is even more important than school name);

  • Send an application with all the test scores, academic transcripts and previous background;

  • Pay all application fees;

  • Defend thesis proposal (this can be written by yourself, with the help of your prospective mentor or using the dissertation writing service)


It takes six years to complete a Law PhD, but if the student is studying on a dual program, his degree might be awarded after three or four years of working on the thesis.

During the beginning years students are exposed to theoretical and practical courses, including economics, public policy, research basics, statistics and etc. Today more and more programs are placing emphasis on soft skills. Educational institutions realize that postdocs must know how to present their findings and work on a real market face-to-face with real cases, that’s why they diversify the curriculum to prepare their students to this.

During the entire time of taking classes, a student is working on his thesis alongside with his advisor. It is crucial to keep up the schedule. Failure to produce a dissertation on time might result in longer time required to complete the degree and even possible dropouts.

Why You Should Consider a Postgraduate Degree?

The number of students pursuing a PhD degree at one of the 1,700 research institutions in America is likely to increase over the next decade. This is due to a couple of factors:

  • Increased demand for experimental findings among corporate sector: science, technology, engineering, math etc.;

  • Development of intensive government research programs;

  • More and more tangible benefits of being a postdoc in terms of financial remuneration, academia status and etc.;

  • US universities occupying leading positions in all the educational institution rankings.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a scientist: it requires true passion for new knowledge, proven academic excellence and countless number of awards and prizes. But if you find yourself passionate about research – go for it and enjoy every second of the process!


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