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Multigenre Research Paper

22 Jun 2017Research Paper

In Your Multigenre Research Paper You May Experiment with Different Writing Genres

Students of secondary school usually write multigenre research paper. This paper is different from traditional five paragraph writing paper. This kind of paper develops paradigmatic way of thinking in students. Instead of the traditional research paper, research paper on multiple genres gives students the opportunity to use different kinds of writing genres. You may choose a genre according to your preferences.
There are several benefits for pupils that are assigned to write this kind of research paper:

1. First of all you may choose the topic that appeals you and develop it in a favorable for you way. As a result, you become more interested in the content of your paper.
2. You develop your critical thinking. As a result you get the higher level of critical analyses. You will also gain a new attitude toward the writing process. You may present your research paper material in a meaningful and unique way.
3. This kind of research paper helps you to build self-confidence.
4. You will learn to compose a unique paper and present your thoughts and ideas.
5. You may also gain experience when discussing with your instructor and other students the possible genre ideas for this kind of research paper.
6. With the help of this writing paper you may highlight your personal interests and imagination, demonstrate your awareness of the subject.
7. Multigenre research paper may contain several voices, not only the author’s.

In order to write a good multigenre research paper, use the following guideline:

1. Choose the topic for your paper. You may describe a person, place, cultural phenomenon, movement etc. Choose the topic that appeals you. Think if you may gain enough information on this topic.
2. Start to collect the information. You may use the following sources for writing your paper:

- Read different books on the topic.
- Articles are also good sources for information.
- Gather necessary information while conducting different interviews, questionnaires, observations.
- Use internet sources. You may visit different web sites that are related to the topic of your research paper. When taking information from internet, remember that there is no guarantee of its quality. Some sites provide shallow and out-of-date information. That is why when using information from internet, check its quality. Also, make sure that the web site that you visit is trusted. And even if you find good material for your paper, do not simply copy it and paste into your research paper paragraphs. Otherwise you may be accused of plagiarism.

In each part of your research paper, you may use different genres. Your multigenre project must include:

1. Preface or introductory part. Here you may address the readers.
2. A short essay on 250-350 words.
3. Poetry.
4. Visual elements.
5. Reference list.
6. Note page.

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