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Prepare Well for a Martin Luther Thesis

07 Feb 2017Writing Topics

Martin Luther Thesis can be a Thought Provoking Thesis

Martin Luther thesis shall be written to stimulate the though process of the readers and should be based on carefully carried out research on the life, works and the cultural and religious background of Dr. Martin Luther. Martin Luther is the French Reformist who initiated the protestant reforms and founded the Protestant Church in 1522. The students writing a thesis on Martin Luther shall first decide on which aspect of the subject he/she is going to research because the topic Martin Luther is too broad even for a Doctoral thesis, in fact for a book with many volumes.

Topics for a Martin Luther Thesis

The students following programs in Theology, Religious Studies, History and Political Science can write a Martin Luther thesis. The students can formulate analytic, argumentative or expository types of theses for researching and writing their thesis papers. Student shall take a stand on the thesis he/she is going to support by research. All the information used shall be from reliable and reputed sources. It should be kept in mind that one tenth of the world population belongs to one of the large number of protestant denominations.

Life, Work and Philosophy of Martin Luther

Students are required to select a narrow topic for doing the research for their Martin Luther thesis, but they will have to study whole gamut of knowledge on Martin Luther’s life, work and the philosophy in general and research deeply on the selected narrow topic. Martin Luther was born in1483 in Germany. He studied for a Master’s degree in a German University. He abandoned his studies and joined a monastery to become a monk against the wishes of his father. Later on, he progressed to receive a Doctorate in Theology and started teaching Theology.

One of the major turning points in Luther’s life was when he was excommunicated from Catholic Church because of his protest against the sale of indulgences by Catholic Church. He initiated the reformist movement that was the foundation for the protestant church. His actions created a series of events that changed the religious and political history of Europe and the world. His famous 95 theses in a letter to Pope Leo X and later writings openly challenged the interpretations by the Catholic Church.

Plan Well before Starting

It is necessary to plan well, well before starting to write the thesis. Planning will make the student free from many of the debacles that are faced by the students. The first thing is doing some preliminary research before selecting the topic. After selecting the topic a good thesis has to be formulated. Reading a thesis sample will help the student to gain an idea of how to write a good thesis. A thesis proposal with an introduction to the topic, the intended strategy for research and a thesis plan shall be prepared for getting approval for the thesis.

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