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Reasons to Refer to an Example of a Literature Review

01 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Example of a Literature Review is a Good Starting Point

For students doing a literature review for the first time Example of a Literature Review is a good starting point. They can study the example and learn what a literature review is all about, what it contains, and how it is written. A literature review is a study and discussion on the literature available on a particular subject. It may be limited to a specific topic or a specific time period. Literature review gives an overview of the current information and knowledge on a certain subject area or a topic.

What is a Literature Review and the Purpose of a Literature Review

A literature review is a comprehensive analysis of important theories, concepts and data on the subject or the thesis topic. It may be an organized collection of summaries with opinions and comments to help the reader understand the relevance of the sources. It can enlighten the reader about any academic debate on the subject that is relevant for the research. The purpose of the literature review is to provide an overview of the subject or the topic, update the knowledge of the reader on current developments in the subject area. It allows the student to identify where there are lapses and unexplained areas which future studies on the topic may address. These aspects of a literature review chapter can be inferred by referring to an Example of a Literature Review.

Literature Reviews are Essential for Thesis or a Dissertation

For higher academic work such as thesis or dissertation, writing a literature review is essential, in order to introduce the topic and the subject to the readers. This helps update the readers on the recent advances and current work on the subject as well as the conceptual relationships that has been so far examined, proven and proposed for future studies. A literature review is also necessary for writing thesis or dissertation proposals but this is done with comparatively few sources, through the preliminary research process. A literature review section of a research proposal is used in informing the thesis committee about the importance of the proposed research, current research going on at different places and the history of the research on the topic. Given this importance, students can benefit through referring to a well formulated Example of a Literature Review.

How to Write a Literature Review

Students can learn how to write a literature review by studying the following a very brief section of text taken from the litreture review of “Social Penetration: The Development of. Interpersonal Relationships.” that goes into a literature review on Relationship building under a business thesis.

“Altman and Taylor (1973) have shown that formation of relationships are either hindered or influenced by communication and there are many other factors helping this process. They identify three classes of factors. The main factor is the personal characteristics of the people who are involved in the interaction. The personality, physical appearance and social needs of each person can influence how they behave in the interaction. The second is the benefit or the result of the transaction and the personal attitude towards one another. The third is the terms and conditions that dictate whether the participants can act on there free will or constrained by social factors.”

This is just one paragraph that addresses a theoretical point made by the two scholars, Altman and Taylor. There will be many more theories being proposed over the years and a comprehensive literature review will cover all the substantial theories proposed and extended on the topic area.

Writing a Literature Review is Tedious and Time Consuming

Writing Literature reviews are time consuming and tedious tasks. You need to conduct secondary research, read through many texts and journal articles, assimilate the theories and views of other scholars and present it with critical review. However, a comprehensive and well written literature review is the foundation on which the rest of the thesis chapters are built upon. The depth and breadth of the review not only makes the readers very well informed of the subject but the shows the writer’s mastery and credibility. Therefore, ensure it is done to perfection and get the help from a professional thesis writing service, if you are not confident of your own competence in this matter.

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