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Research Based Computer Science Thesis

02 Mar 2017Writing Tips

Computer Science Thesis can be Written on Diverse IT Topic Areas

The first electronic computers were built in late Nineteen Forties. Although the computer is comparatively new invention the impact on every aspect of human activities is mind boggling. Today’s computer science discipline has grown to a very wide area and integrated with many other technologies like communication. Therefore it is possible to find diverse number of topics suited for a computer science thesis.

Finding a Suitable Topic

In a subject like computer science, there are many specialized subject areas and you’ll definitely need an expert in the specialized field to guide you. This would usually be your thesis supervisor. Next point to note is that your university must have specialized facilities for research on that specialized area of the subject. This means you have a limited choice on the topic due to the limitations forced by above factors. Because of these the student must have detailed discussions with the professors and find a combination of suitable college, suitable supervisor and a suitable topic for his or her computer science research. If the student is following a course in computer software he/she may select to write an algorithm thesis.

How to Carry Out the Research

The methodology of the research may vary according to the specific subject area and the nature of your topic. But for any type of research topic it is very important that you do some literature review to learn the previous and ongoing research on the topic you have chosen. Then only you can avoid duplicating research done previously by somebody else. At the same time, it also exposes the gaps and deficiencies in existing knowledge on the subject which your thesis study can contribute to fulfill. In the case of a computer science thesis, this is very important because there are numerous research projects going on at various research institutes.

Subsequent to initial review of literature, the student should decide on a research plan. This must contain the proposed experiments, equipment requirements, anticipated results and results recording formats etc. Then a time schedule should be prepared showing the starting and ending dates for specific tasks. You should allow appointments with the supervisor at regular intervals. For projects of this nature, students may also need to budget financial resources in to their plans.

Writing the Thesis

After you have finished your experiments, or written your software or collected the data for analysis it is time for writing the thesis. This may be somewhat unfamiliar to you especially if your mother tongue is not English and you plan to write the thesis in English. You have to know the writing style prescribed or accepted by your department. Students are issued a Thesis writing guide, and referring to this every step of the way will ensure your work is in line with the given instructions. The thesis outline should be developed as per the required structure and incorporating the key sections of a thesis. The general sections include the thesis abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion and conclusion.

Thesis Writing Help

You cannot buy a thesis computer science thesis and submit because it involves actual experimental research to be done. However you may still need outside help in analyzing your data, preparing diagrams, graphs, writing, editing and proofreading etc. Such help can be most useful when you are pressed for time. However, avoid waiting till last moment to call for help, especially when there is high caliber thesis help at hand. will be a good source to enlist help if you are in need for such assistance.

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