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22 Jun 2017Research Paper

The Art of Writing Research Papers Argumentative is not an Easy Task

The art of writing a good research paper argumentative is not an easy task and it may be a real problem for the inexperienced students. It is not enough to have an opinion; the most important thing is to make the reader or the listener agree with the author. You must write an argumentative essay to gain such an experience and to become a successful writer.

The first thing you have to do is to become a professional in the issue of writing. While choosing a topic for your research paper argumentative, avoid the ones that can not be won, even if you are confident in this subject. Nowadays, the most dangerous topics are: the gun control, abortion, capital punishment, the freedom of speech and the right to die. It is unwise to choose these topics because they can hardly be won. Besides, your scientific instructor is probably tired of such kind of issues and you may have serious troubles about it. A fine reading of material or no controversial problem can be chosen for your research work instead. You must clearly understand the problem and then decide if it is worth writing and if you will be able to finalize this topic successfully.

The purpose of this small text is to get acquainted the reader with the features and the main steps of the argumentative research paper. First of all let’s discuss the features of the most effective and successful research papers argumentative.

You need to decide what to write about. Choose only a well-defined and argued issue. Work with the literature, listen to the radio or watch TV and make a right choice. The listeners or the readers should clearly understand the problem and what your topic is about.

There must be a clear position. Always state your position and try not to use the first person in your statement as it weakens your arguments.

There should be a strong argument. An argumentative paper presents an argument but not an opinion. It must be backed up by the information to make the readers believe that the opinion is strong and correct. Such information consists of the facts, personal interviews, literature, charts and statistics. Besides, it is important to choose scientific or educational data only.

The tone should be reasonable. Be prepared to the situation when the opponent is not agreeing with you, so write your essay professionally.

Speaking about the process of creating and writing a research paper we must take into consideration its main steps. So, first of all, make sure you are really interested in the chosen topic and it will be worth reading and discussing. Then find the data, using the computer search, visiting the library. The next step is the creation of a plan, and finally, the writing process. When the paper is written check everything for the errors.

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